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Kaiju Universe was a PvP experience created by Prometeo Games. Players can use different kaiju from the Godzilla franchise to fight other players or to destroy cities located around the map, and earn G-Cells, the main currency of the experience, and XP, which is used to level up your kaiju. On Feburary 11, 2024, the game got taken down due to a DMCA claim.[1]

General Gameplay/Info[]

Kaiju Universe was a kaiju experience that aims to provide the best experience to its players. Updates usually happened around once a week, or sometimes more in certain times, including when the developers are busy. The experience averaged around 5-10k players, sometimes reaching more during updates.



The icon for G-Cells within the shop.

G-Cells were the currency used to buy the kaiju within the game. They were gained by attacking/killing other players, destroying buildings, completing missions, or by being purchased in the shop. Depending on the kaiju, the G-Cell pricing will vary.


Kaiju were the playable characters in the game. They were mainly kaiju from the Godzilla franchise but also had some from the film Space Amoeba to other famous franchise such as Pacific Rim and Neon Genesis: Evangelion. There was also developer-exclusive kaiju, known as "Daiju" along with custom created kaiju from the developers themselves.

The Map[]


  • Tokyo
  • Isla De Mara
  • Prometia City
  • Florida
  • Birth Island
  • Arctic
  • Skull/Monster Island
  • Mariana Trench

Removed Locations[]

  • The Sanctum
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