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Granny is a horror experience created by Promidius Games where a team of players escape the map by completing objectives and avoiding a player-controlled enemy. Granny is a remake of a horror game with the same name.

DevKronik, the owner of Promidius Games, leads the experience's development, along with Lovveyss, the builder of Promidius Games. Devlalal is the designer of the experience.

Granny, with about 418M+ visits and thousands of concurrent players, is a popular Granny remake in the Roblox platform. But GabStudio's adaptation of Granny is still more popular in terms of visits.


The main menu as of September 14, 2023

The main menu screen as of September 14, 2023

The experience has very similar mechanics to the original Granny, with small differences; such as the inclusion of multiplayer, which is absent in the original game.


The voting screen as of September 14, 2023

The voting screen as of September 14, 2023

The experience currently has five maps. The Granny franchise inspired every map except for School and Ski Resort. The maps based on the original games are almost identical with a few variations.

Thumbnail Name Difficulty Based on
House 1 thumbnail House ★★★★★ Granny
Map 2 thumbnail House II ★★★★☆ Granny: Chapter Two
Granny Mansion Thumbnail Mansion ★★★☆☆ Granny 3
School thumbnail
School ★★★☆☆ Slendrina: The School


The experience has two roles;

  1. Enemy - assigned to stop the players from escaping
  2. Players - assigned to work together to escape from the enemy


There are 3 playable enemies so far each with a different set of abilities to stop the players and win.


Granny is one of the antagonists in the game and is controlled by a Player who's chosen at random. She is capable of hearing objects drop and laying beartraps to catch survivors off-guard.


Grandpa is one of the antagonists in Granny. He wields a Shotgun to shoot his victims. He is capable of stunning survivors from afar resulting in chases ending quickly.

He can be unlocked by reaching Rank 50, or by the Player purchasing the Slendrina game pass for 1000 Robux.


Slendrina is one of the playable antagonists for the game and can be controlled by a Player that's chosen by random. She has great map control thanks to her invisibility ability.

She can be unlocked by reaching Rank 100, or by the Player purchasing the Slendrina game pass for 1500 Robux.


Players try to escape by using items to either unlock certain areas or obtain more items. They can also stun the Enemy for 15 seconds, but they need to go back to the area they were received to reload their ammunition.

Unlike the Enemies, Players can crouch which players can use to their advantage to go through vents and small holes. When Players stay in an area where the Enemy cannot access for too long, they suffocate to death for the round.


Each round of Granny has a map; the majority voted map being picked, and each map is time-constrained. When someone gets kicked out of the round, they can't return until the round ends.

When Granny leaves the round, the timer speeds up twice as fast, and when the exit is unlocked while Granny is absent, the timer hurries up quadruple as fast.


In Granny, there are two secrets, one each in House I and II. These secrets give the player some points and a badge if they have not already obtained it. They only activate once each round.

Spider Mom (formerly Angelene)[]

Angelene Badge

Spider Mom's badge thumbnail.

To activate the Spider Mom secret, a player must play on the map House I. They should knock down the painting of Granny and Slendrina on the second floor. Note that Granny can hear the location of this action. The player should then flip the red switch behind the painting, and the bookshelf behind the player will open to a secret room.

The next step is to obtain the book and place it on the podium inside the secret room. When the player completes this action, Slendrina's Mother's chained body will appear in front of the player. The player will obtain the Spider Mom badge and earn some points.


Slendrina Badge

Slendrina's badge thumbnail.

To activate the Slendrina secret, a player must play on the House II map. The player must obtain the matches to burn Slendrina's teddy bear. It is located on the staircase between the basement and the piano room, lying beside a painting of Slendrina.

The next step is to use the matches to burn the teddy bear. When the player does this, the teddy bear burns and disappears, and a sequence will play of freeing Slendrina's spirit from the painting beside the teddy bear. After the cutscene ends, the picture frame of Slendrina disappears as well. The player will also obtain the Slendrina badge and earn some points.


The shop as of September 14, 2023

The shop as of September 14, 2023

In the Shop, a player can buy items to customize their Granny with points, Robux, and exclusively candy corn on Halloween and snowflakes for Christmas. Players can buy bats, eyes, dresses, and masks for their Granny and buy guns, eyes, clothes, and masks for their Grandpa. Slendrina is the only enemy so far without options for customization.

Players can earn points by using items, unlocking secrets, escaping maps, and catching players as the Enemy. Obtaining candy corn for Halloween and snowflakes for Christmas was possible by collecting them in-game.


Date Visits Reference
September 23, 2021 100M [1]
August 1, 2021 50M [2]
June 8, 2021 25M [3]
March 21, 2021 10M [4]