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七叔 (Qīshū) Launch Party (Simplified Chinese: 七叔(叶泽浩)音乐节 Qīshū (yèzéhào) yīnyuè jié) was a LuoBu event that started on September 14, 2021, and ended on September 21, 2021. The event was sponsored by the artist 七叔 (Qīshū), also known as 叶泽浩 (Ye Zehao), from the QQ Music company. The concert had 10 soundtracks, which was played from the artist. The event game opened on September 14, 2021, for the launch party, and the first concert was held on September 19, 2021 (China Time).

There is a merchandise store in-game to grab items which can be bought with the in-game currency, Gold Coins. On September 16, 2021, the free items were put off-sale in the avatar shop for unknown reasons.


Name Image Creator/Group
七叔(叶泽浩)Launch Party
七叔(叶泽浩)Launch Party.png

Avatar shop items

Name Image Price
Cyber Swords
Cyber Swords.png
80 Robux
Energy Scroll
Energy Scroll.png
80 Robux
Cyber Flyers
Cyber Flyers.png
80 Robux
Cyber Respirator
Cyber Respirator.png
50 Robux
Cyber Mask
Cyber Mask.png
50 Robux
Cyber Straw Hat
Cyber Straw Hat.png
50 Robux
Cyber Goggles
Cyber Goggles.png
50 Robux
QQ Music Hat
QQ Music Hat.png
50 Robux
Street Shades
Street Shades.png
50 Robux
Cyber Bunny Ears
Cyber Bunny Ears.png
50 Robux
Cyber Studio Hat
Cyber Studio Hat.png
50 Robux
Swan Dance
Swan Dance.png
110 Robux
Flowing Breeze
Flowing Breeze.png
110 Robux
Quiet Waves
Quiet Waves.png
110 Robux


Note: The Shirt and the Pants come together, only needing 100 Gold Coins.

Name Image Requirements
Cyber Rider Helmet
Cyber Rider Helmet.png
1,000 Gold Coins
Red Punk Mohawk
Red Punk Mohawk.png
500 Gold Coins
Blue Space Buns
Blue Space Buns.png
500 Gold Coins
Cyber Rider Shirt
Cyber Rider Shirt.png
100 Gold Coins

Also comes with Cyber Rider Pants.

Cyber Rider Pants
Cyber Rider Pants.png
100 Gold Coins

Also comes with Cyber Rider Shirt.


The concert has been criticized due to the lack of non-Chinese subtitles. Many people who did not understand Chinese were unable to understand the song lyrics.