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Quantum Science Energy Research Facility, also known as QSERF, is a Roblox experience developed by Quantum Science Inc.. It is based in 1985 and is located in New Haven County, Connecticut, on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

Dark Matter Reactor[]

The Dark Matter Reactor, also known as DMR is an inertial confinement fusion reactor that infuses dark matter into its fuel cycle.

Protocol Saletum[]

Protocol Saletum, also known by the community as the Nuke, ICBM and Warhead, is a nuclear missile that is used to destroy the bottom side of the Facility in the event of a data breach.

Easter Eggs[]


Right after one of the DMR procedures, you are sent to a box with a small blue square in the middle of the floor, along with Shrek in your direction. You can get to walk around the room by skipping the post-event dialogue, otherwise, you will be teleported to the Tartarus Zone after it ends, but not without one quick glimpse of the area.

As of 2020, you are no longer teleported here as it's been removed from the experience.


If you put in the code for the Emergency Shutdown Sequence, there is a small chance that it will fail, even if all requirements are met for success. You will know that this happens when after confirming the code, there will no indication that it has been engaged at all, some of the music and alarms will cut off as well. Then, you'll suddenly hear that the facility has issued a Code Black Directive, followed by everyone in the server receiving the ??? badge.

Meme Station 5[]

Near the R.O. Access Elevators, there are multiple control stations, and one of them is comically named "Meme Station 5". Currently, they have no purpose other than being for show, but you can get up close and personal with them using shop items.

Peter Griffin[]

At the Dark Matter Reactor control room, up above at the "Today's date is..." sign, there was a small Peter Griffin standing on the left side of the sign, but this was removed after an update.


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  • The facility was originally intended to be a showcase.