The information on this page is outdated and needs to be updated.
Quizzes, or a quiz, is a type of game used on ROBLOX, formerly dominating the front page alongside tycoons. Quizzes usually make the player stand on a button and get asked a question (e.g., What is 27 plus 27?) before saying the correct answer by using the chat bar, and so it continues until the player reaches the end of the Quiz and is rewarded.
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Example of a quiz, "Name That Character!".

Quizzes have shown problems for several users. For example, Whitelisted chat players cannot answer the questions due to some words not whitelisted and other users dislike quizzes which involve questions about ROBLOX that they don't know the answer to due to the lack of experience on the site. This was extremely harder for whitelisted people back then, where they had to use Safe Chat when it existed.

Quizzes were usually hated back then as well, as they think it is a waste of time. Sometimes, a player gets stuck on a question. The minority of the people try to look the character up, and usually find the answer if they're lucky. Otherwise, the player has two options when stuck on a question: wait until the next person comes and hope that player knows the answer, or quit the game. Sometimes, they blame it on the creator itself for making the quiz (almost) impossible.

Quizzes also come in type of different varieties such as, "Guess That Color!" or "Guess That ROBLOXian!" and mostly, "Guess that Character!"

Unfortanuatley, some acoounts who have Account restrictions can't play most quiz games, as many of them require the player to say the characher in the chat to pass through.


In 2013-2014, quizzes have received a massive popularity on the front page. The "Quiz" genre blew up so much that year, it's hard to estimate how many are there.

However, in 2015, quiz genre games have started to decline. There are many reasons behind this, such as bait-and-switch scammers or the blow-up in well developed games. In 2016, the Quiz genre has been wiped off of the front page.

Some quiz games are active, or made today, but they lack in popularity.