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For the game created by Games, see Community:Games/ROBLOX Battle.

RB Battles Championship (also known as Roblox Battles; retroactively referred to as RB Battles Season 1) was an event that began on September 9, 2019, and ended on September 28, 2019. It was a YouTube-based tournament centered around 16 different popular YouTubers who went head-to-head on different games, with a bracket to determine the order of which they do so. The winner of the tournament, KreekCraft, received the exclusive Champion's Swordpack along with a grand prize of 1,000,000 Robux.

Users could have voted for a star creator who they think would win the tournament. If users voted for the winner correctly, they would receive the Shield of Wisdom as a prize on October 1, 2019. Voting ended September 9, 2019.

There is an official YouTube channel for the event, where users can watch the event.


RB Battles started off as a channel with random challenges to win Robux or other prizes.

They soon started to have a Roblox Battle Championship on September 10, 2019, they called out Roblox YouTubers to join the battles and called the game developers to use their game for the battles. The way this works is group of by 2 YouTubers will fight on their given game to fight and whoever wins will move on to the next challenge with another YouTuber, until it ends up with the final battle where 5 YouTubers will fight for 1 Million Robux. The YouTuber who won season 1 was Kreekcraft.

But it did not end there, RB Battles made a Season 2 on November 15, 2020, where the last Roblox YouTubers(Competitors) and New Roblox YouTubers competes for another 1 Million Robux. The new winner of RB Battles championship of 1 million Robux is Tanqr.

RB Battles season 2

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On the season 2, The RB Battles called out Roblox Developers to make hidden secret places where you get free RB Battles swords and equip it to your inventory permanently, there are clues that players need to find on where the swords are hidden.



First Round

  1. PrestonPlayz vs. BriannaPlayz: BriannaPlayz
  2. Cybernova vs. Leah Ashe: LeahAshe
  3. SeeDeng vs. iifnatik: SeeDeng
  4. Denis vs. Sub: Denis
  5. KreekCraft vs. MyUsernamesThis: KreekCraft
  6. Sketch vs. Bandi: Bandi
  7. Hyper vs. Ant: Hyper
  8. Poke vs. Tofuu: Tofuu


  1. Leah Ashe vs. BriannaPlayz: BriannaPlayz
  2. Denis vs. SeeDeng: SeeDeng
  3. KreekCraft vs. Bandi: KreekCraft
  4. Tofuu vs. Hyper: Tofuu


BriannaPlayz vs. SeeDeng vs. KreekCraft vs. Tofuu: KreekCraft


Name Image Creator/Group
Flee the Facility
Flee the Facility Thumbnail.jpg
A.W. Apps
Royale High
Royal High Thumbnail.jpg
Thumbnail for Arsenal.jpg
ROLVe Community
Tower of Hell
Tower of Hell Thumbnail.jpg
YXCeptional Studios
Jailbreak Thumbnail.jpg
Mad City
Mad City Thumbnail.jpg
Schwifty Studios
Welcome to Bloxburg
Welcome to Bloxburg Thumbnail.jpg
Murder Mystery 2
Murder Mystery 2 Thumbnail.jpg
Dance Off
Dance Off Thumbnail.jpg
Natural Disaster Survival
Natural Disaster Survival.jpg
Build A Boat For Treasure
BuildABoatForTreasure Thumbnail.jpg
Chillz Studios
Epic Minigames
Epic Minigames 2019 Thumbnail.jpg


Name Image Objective
Shield of Wisdom
Gold Battle Shield.png
Enter your Roblox profile onto the survey section of the event page and select the YouTuber who you would predicted that would win the overall tournament. If you chose the right user, you would've been awarded with this prize on October 1, 2019.

Grand Prize

Name Image Objective
Champion's Swordpack
Champion’s Swordpack.png

Become the overall final winner of the RB Battles tournament. This item was eventually awarded to KreekCraft.

Avatar Shop item

Name Image Price
Roblox Battle Cap
Roblox Battle Cap.png
Not For Sale


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

In this screenshot of the Roblox homepage under an <13 account during the Roblox Battles event, it is visible that the event is not listed under the "Events" section of the website's sidebar.

  • This is the second event (the first being the Stranger Things 3 event) to be available to exclusively 13+ users, as going to the event's page under a <13 account would have redirected the viewer to the homepage. The event was also not shown on the "Events" section of the website's sidebar for <13 accounts.
  • The championship video won a Bloxy during the 7th Annual Bloxy Awards for Best Video of the Year.
  • This was the first event to ever include a paid access game, being Welcome to Bloxburg.