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For the game created by Games, see Community:Games/ROBLOX Battle.

RB Battles Season 2 was a Roblox event that began on November 16, 2020, and ended on December 14, 2020.

Just like the first event of 2019, 16 top Roblox YouTubers competed against one another in a tournament, going head-to-head in different games. The official YouTube channel created for the last RB Battles event is again used to live stream competitions. The winner of the tournament, TanqR, received the exclusive Champion's Swordpack 2.0 along with 2,000,000 Robux.

At the beginning of the event, users could have voted for who they think will win the tournament here. Users who correctly predicted the winner received the GoldLika: BATTLE chain accessory. Voting ended on November 18, 2020.



First Round

  1. Denis vs. Kindly Keyin: Denis
  2. Sketch vs. KreekCraft: KreekCraft
  3. Bigbst4tz2 vs. Ryguy: Ryguy
  4. TanqR vs. PrestonGamez: TanqR
  5. Dylan vs. Cari: Dylan
  6. BriannaGamez vs. Iamsanna: Iamsanna
  7. Keisyo vs. TheMeganPlays: Keisyo
  8. Ashley vs. PeetahBread: Ashley


  1. Denis vs. Kreek: Kreek
  2. Ryguy vs. TanqR: TanqR
  3. Dylan vs. Iamsanna: Dylan
  4. Keisyo vs. Ashley: Ashley

Battle Back Champ

  1. Denis vs. Ryguy vs. Iamsanna vs. Keisyo: Denis


  1. KreekCraft vs. TanqR vs. Dylan vs. Ashley vs. Denis: TanqR


Name Image Creator/Group Tournament Round
Parkour Tower
Grandma's Favourite Games First Round
Ronald Thumbnail.jpg
Fat Wallet Productions First Round
Super Striker League
Cinder Studio First Round
Island Royale
LordJurrd First Round
Murder Mystery 2
Nikilis First Round
Build A Boat For Treasure
BuildABoatForTreasure Thumbnail.jpg
Chillz Studios First Round
RobeatsDev First Round
IslandsReopened.jpg First Round
Piggy Thumbnail.jpg
MiniToon Semi-Finals
JailbreakThumbnail 05012020.jpg
Badimo Semi-Finals
Welcome to Bloxburg
Welcome to Bloxburg Thumbnail.jpg
Coeptus Semi-Finals
The CrusheR
TypicalType Semi-Finals
Build Battle!
Build Battle!.jpg
P&J Studios Battle Back Champ
RB Battles
RB Battles Games Finals


Name Image Objective
GoldLika: BATTLE
Enter your Roblox account ID onto the survey section of the event page and select the YouTuber who you predict that will win the overall tournament by November 18, 2020. If you chose the right user, you were awarded with this prize on December 17.
Winner's Wings
Complete all 12 challenges scattered across all games involved in the RB Battles Season 2 Championship to get this item.
Antlers Of Honor
Complete all 12 challenges scattered across all games involved in the RB Battles Season 2 Championship and return the three swords along with beating the final battle to get this item.
Golden Antlers Of Honor
The first 10,000 players to complete all 12 challenges scattered across all games involved in the RB Battles Season 2 Championship and return the three swords along with beating the final battle were granted this item.
Hood Of Champions
The first 30 players to complete all 12 challenges scattered across all games involved in the RB Battles Season 2 Championship and return the three swords along with beating the final battle were granted this item.
DJ's Sword of Agility
Complete the secret quest in RoBeats!
Russo's Sword of Truth
Complete the secret quest in Build A Boat For Treasure.
Sabrina's Sword of Healing
Complete the secret quest in Piggy.
RB Battle Popcorn Bucket
RB Battle Popcorn Bucket.png
Be one of the 500 people to redeem a special code for the item.

Grand Prize

Name Image Objective
Champion's Swordpack 2.0
Become the overall final winner of the RB Battles tournament. This item was eventually awarded to TanqR.

Unique items

Name Image Objective
Hooded Developer
Developers who contributed to the RB Battles Season 2 Championship event received this item.

Avatar Shop items

Name Image Price
RB Battle Pack
Battle Pack.png
RB Battles Archer Pack
Archer Pack.png

Reception and Criticism

The event received acclaim from the vast majority of the Roblox community. Users enjoyed the fact that, unlike last season of RB Battles, users could also participate and get prizes. Some also thought that the event was an improvement on past events during 2020. Many also thought that RB Battles Season 2 was like a return (at least temporary) of the events. However, there were some complaints regarding the obtaining the swords and the Final Battle.

DJ’s Sword of Agility

Many users criticized the fact of putting RoBeats! as part of the event. The reasons, is that the corresponding songs to obtain the sword (as well as the vast majority of the songs in RoBeats!) cost in-game coins and stars. Also, in its original form of obtaining, many reproached the fact of having to buy several objects in the Gear Shop, since some were inaccessible for most of the players who only came for the event. Many even considered that part of the event as a Pay to Win.

Some bugs didn't make the criticisms stop. Sometimes, the "RB Battles" tag would not appear, causing players to have to replay "Monday Night Monsters (Hard)", taking time away from them. Criticism decreased after the obtaining was slowly nerfed. Arguably, the reception of getting DJ's Sword was relatively mixed in its early days, before being relatively more accepted after the nerfs.

Sabrina’s Sword of Healing

Before the true location of the sword was found, many users first thought that the sword was found in Jailbreak, and then in Murder Mystery 2.

Although there were not as many criticisms as opposed to obtaining DJ's Sword, there were some complaints. Some users criticized the fact that only 1 player per server could get the sword. This was later nerfed, making it possible for all players on that server to obtain the sword and the badge. The reception of obtaining Sabrina's sword was relatively positive, before and after the nerfs.

Russo’s Sword of Truth

Obtaining the Russo sword was already considered easy by most players, and was considered by other users as more "enjoyable" than the previous 2 swords.

However, for some unknown reasons, some users had complications in some steps, a clear example would be the bookcase. Some players, although they followed the steps correctly, inexplicably the game would not be worth what the player did, causing the player to die.

The reception of the obtaining of Russo's Sword is considered positive.

(Some players who did it wrong had Duplicates of the players avatar (your ROBLOX characters avatar) spawn in the room and killed the player that did the steps wrong. Also some Acid would spawn in if you did the steps in order but mess up a step then it would rise and kill you.)

Final Battle

The Final Battle was going to be released on December 7, 2020. However, the official Roblox Battles Twitter account did make a few tweets, asking players if it should be released on December 7, with minimal testing / bug fixing, and Fewer features, or if they should wait until December 12, where they could fix bugs and add more features during that week of developing. The waiting option was the most accepted.

The Final Battle was officially launched on December 12. However, there were numerous complaints from many users saying that the Final Battle still had too many bugs. In low-end devices, in the fight of the hands, the ship would not move easily and only fired 2 times per second, making the battle more difficult, and disappointing/demotivating some users. The codes part was widely criticized for being confusing. Also, the robots attacking the player made the passage stressful. In mobile devices, many also had considerable difficulties, coming to be considered impossible. Some users also experienced unexpected teleportations in the game, making it more difficult for them.

While praised for it's nature (often being cited as a proper example of a finale for these types of events), The Final Battle was also heavily critiqued for the amount of game-breaking bugs that it had. While both the Hood of Champions and Golden Antlers of Honor were obtainable, a large amount of bugs that would prevent you from progressing were present. Some examples of this were the quiz breaking to display only one answer (for all 5), or player instantly dying upon defeating TanqR.

The Final Battle was nerfed after the Hood of Champions and the Golden Antlers Of Honor became unobtainable. However, after some nerfs, the complaints continued as there were still bugs left. The Final Battle soundtrack, and the credits song, "The Friends We Made" was widely praised and enjoyed by the players.

RB Battles Popcorn Bucket

Was heavily criticized by many due to fast claim code and only 500 copies of the bucket were distributed and being impossible for mobile players to get the codes.

RoBeats challenge

Was heavily criticized by many due to requiring rank C in all three songs to get the badge. Was later nerfed.

BigBst4tz2 vs Ryguy and Ashley vs PeetahBread

These battles were considered the worst competitions due to Ryguy and Ashley were rumored for using cheats to win against BigBst4tz2 and PeetahBread respectively.

The CrusheR badge

Was criticized due to waiting to play the Retro wave map and how it was hard to finish that map, or players spending Robux for the map. The map was later nerfed.

Piggy badge

Was heavily criticized due to the player limit being 100 players and only one can get the badge in that round. The player limit was reduced from 100 to 6 players.

Build Battle badge

Was also criticized due to high cost VIP servers and the positions (2nd and 1st) to get the badge.

Island Royale badge

Island Royale was criticized due to the badge being considered a freebie by mobile players, because by simply joining the game, you obtain the badge due to the game not having support for mobile.

Overall, the event was mostly liked.

Badge Challenges

Parkour Tower: Climb to the top and return one of three hair dye colors to their corresponding host in the RB Battles tower. (removed)
Ronald: Escape Ronald in Part 4.
Super Striker League: Play the "Goalbusters" mode. (removed)
Island Royale: Win a round in the RB Battles mode.
Murder Mystery 2: Find one of the RB Battles host NPCs in the Factory, nStudio and House2 maps and collect the RB Knife from them. (removed)
Build a Boat for Treasure: Travel the furthest distance than other competitors in the RB Battles competition mode. (removed)
Robeats!: Obtain at least 20,000 points in the first song (Monday Night Monsters), 50,000 points in the second song (Smile), and 80,000 points in the third song (Power Up). (removed)
Islands: Give 5 corals, 10 slimeballs, 1 tomato, 2 breads, 5 stones and 5 fishes to the RB Battles trader. (removed)
Piggy: Earn the most number of points in the RB Battles map. Players can earn 1 point for opening a new room, and three points for escaping the map. (removed)
Jailbreak: Bring back the three cameras to the RB Battles building. They are found in front of a display case in the jewelry store, under one of the counters near the back door of the bank, and in the golds room near the heist entrance of the museum. (removed)
Welcome to Bloxburg: Complete the RB Battles maze. This game is not required for the Winner's Wings, but upon completion an RB Battles plaque is awarded to the player. (removed)
The CrusheR: Complete the RB Battles map, "Retro Wave".
Build Battle: Get top 2 in a RB Battles Themed Round. (removed)

Challenge Modifications

Over time, some games modified their challenges to be easier or simpler.

Super Striker League: Originally, players needed to win a match in the Goalbusters mode. This was changed so that players only needed to simply play the mode to obtain the badge.
Robeats: Originally, players needed obtain a C rank in all three songs to obtain the badge. This was nerfed on November 26 to a lower rank due to DJ's song, Power Up, was too hard for some players including KreekCraft himself. Furthermore, a modification was made so that players only need to equip the Onii's Heart Blade to obtain the DJ's Sword of Agility, as opposed to the original three items required.
Piggy: Originally, players needed to earn the most number of points in a round. This was considered to be difficult by many due to the 100-player capacity the game's server had. This was changed some time afterward to only 6 players per server, making it significantly easier. Furthermore, escaping was nerfed to give 3 points instead of 5.
Jailbreak: Originally, the locations of the cameras were different. The original locations were the wire doors in the museum, in front of the diamond icon in the jewelry store's basement, as well as on one of the escalators in the power plant. This was modified to the current three locations as the original ones were considered too difficult.
The CrusheR: Originally, the "Retro Wave" tower was significantly more difficult. The tower was modified on December 2 to make it more easier for players. This was done by removing most of the obstacles.
Build Battle: Originally, players needed to get first place in an RB Battles Themed Round. This was changed less than 5 minutes after the challenge released to be the top 2 people.


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  • Unlike the RB Battles event last year, people under the age of 13 can participate, but they can not vote.
  • This is the first time Piggy, Ronald, The CrusheR, Islands, Parkour Tower, RB Battles, Island Royale, and RoBeats were part of an official Roblox event.
    • Simultaneously, Piggy was also involved with the Ready Player Two event, an event going on at the same time as RB Battles Season 2,
  • This is the third time Jailbreak has been featured in an official Roblox event after Ready Player One and RB Battles.
  • This is the second time Welcome to Bloxburg has been featured in an official Roblox event after RB Battles.
    • Although it is a part of the event, it does not have a badge required to obtain the Winner's Wings since it costs robux to play.
  • This is the second time Build Battle! has been featured in an official Roblox event after Innovation (2018).
  • This is the third time Build A Boat For Treasure has been featured in an official Roblox event after RB Battles and Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G..
  • This is the second time Super Striker League has been featured in an official Roblox event after Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G..
  • This is the second time Murder Mystery 2 has been featured in an official Roblox event after RB Battles.
  • On November 18, 2020, an image of the tournament's eventual winner and bracket placement was leaked and began to circulate. This led to the official RB Battles Twitter account to make a statement for clarifications.
    • This statement also confirmed that the finale will be livestreamed, a first in the history of this event series.
  • The finale will be having 5 competitors instead of 4. The 5th competitor will be the winner of the Battle Back Champ, competing against the losers of the Semi-Finals.
  • This is the first time the finale had to be done twice.
    • This is because the first finale's winner was leaked, and even that RB Battles said on their Twitter that it was fake, it was just to not ruin the experience of the event. Since TanqR won both matches, he was given 2 million robux.
    • Some players accused TanqR of cheating in the finale despite many video clips showing him completing the Lava Escape minigame through using shortcuts with the combination of the double jump and glide mechanics which were in the game. Most users speculated that they are just angry cause their favorite YouTuber didn't win and/or they voted wrong and won't get the GoldLika: BATTLE chain.
    • Throughout the event, the game was heavily criticized for being extremely buggy even after the delays. This peaked during the opening hours of the final battle which for a while was unplayable, with players going as far as sending death threats to the developers.
    • Even after the boss fight was nerfed, users still reported bugs, such as dying for no reason and being reset. One user claimed that he was at the final obby and he got stuck in an obstacle, causing him to restart.
  • The GoldLika: BATTLE chain was not awarded to users on December 14, but on December 17.