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ROBLOX Better Tomorrow World's Fair was an event by Roblox that was announced on November 20, 2007, and ended on December 4, 2007.[1] Over 100 users entered the competition.[2]

In order to participate, users had to build a physical model out of building toys, including K’nex, LEGOs, and wooden blocks, as well as use paper, paint, and glue to make their model. They must then take a clear screenshot with clear lighting and send it to a specified email. They were able to send in as many submissions as they wanted for each category.[3][4] Users were not allowed to send in drawings, 3D computer-generated models, and screenshots from Roblox games or other games.[1] Users were also not allowed to send in photos from the internet.

There were five categories users could send their submissions to: Lands of Tomorrow, Captains of Industry, Bizarre Bestiary, Tests of Bravado, and Dogs of War. The top three winners for each category were rewarded with 1200 Robux. While the remaining winners for each category were rewarded with 400 Robux.[1]


Lands of Tomorrow

These are the winners of the Lands of Tomorrow category – places people would like to see in the future of ROBLOX.[5]

Best in Show
Creation Name Player
LandsofTomorrow Thefruitcake.jpg Drilling Facility thefruitcake
Dirtrider.jpg Bridge dirtrider
Kman7861.jpg Pirates of the Robloxian kman786

Honorable Mentions
Creation Name Player
Heiscoolmg.jpg Happy Robloxian House (Logs) heiscoolmg
Bct4bct.jpg Surface of the Moon bct4bct
Chasetheace.jpg Castle chasetheace6
Dtlegoman-places.jpg Brick Battle dtlegoman
Blueboo.jpg Roblox City blueboo
Spiderspotandpizzamaker1.jpg Via Portal spiderspot pizzamaker
Bowser101.jpg Laganator bowser101
Tombotheclown1.jpg Snack Bar tombotheclown

Captains of Industry

These are the winners of the Captains of Industry category – Vehicles (including Watercraft, Aircraft and Spacecraft) people would like to see in the future of ROBLOX.[6]

Best in Show
Creation Name Player
Xlegox1.jpg The Torch stravant
Yoshiisland.jpg Bicycle yoshiisland
Ario56.jpg Crane ario56

Dogs of War

These are the winners of the Dogs of War category – Tools, Armor and Weapons people would like to see in the future of ROBLOX.[7]

Best in Show
Creation Name Player
Illusions-dogs.jpg Airstrike illusions
Daxman.jpg Electric Cannon daxman
Jtm110972-dogs-3.jpg Fighter/Bomber jtm110972

Honorable Mentions
Creation Name Player
Toddjames-bombdropper.jpg Bomb Dropper toddjames
Wonkakid-lasergun.jpg Laser Gun wonkakid
Xlegox-firecannon.jpg Rapid-Fire-Bail-Fire Cannon stravant
Voldemort-dragontank.jpg Flying Dragon Tank voldemort
Clonegamma62-kba.jpg Killbot Advanced clonegamma62
Herooftime1011-ultrashield.jpg Super Bomb and Ultra Shield herooftime101
Jangofett-metalray.jpg Metal Ray jangofettt
Icedude-legogun.jpg LEGO Gun icedude
Twila271-cybersword.jpg CyberSword twila27
Shadowmaster-4leggeddestroyer.jpg Four Legged Tank shadowmaster
Cade51-sparky.jpg Sparky cade51
Samsum-hovertank.jpg Hover Tank samsum
Heissicooldg-BARB.jpg BARB (Big Atomic Robloxian Bomb) heissocooldg
Articerile-megd.jpg Meta-Egyptian Guard Drone articerile
Ploober33-dow.jpg Unnamed ploober33
Raxoe-tbd.jpg The Basin Destroyer raxoe
Legopepper1-shield.jpg Admin Shield legopepper
Pichi123-laser.jpg Laser Gun pichi123
Articunox-brickcannon.jpg Brick Cannon articunox
Greenjelly-rangedbanhammer.jpg Ban Pistol greenjelly
Megamanexe-flamingpitchfork.jpg Flaming Pitchfork megamanexe

Bizarre Bestiary

These are the winners of the Bizarre Bestiary category – Creatures, Robots and Monsters people would like to see in the future of ROBLOX.[8]

Best in Show
Creation Name Player
Cthulhu wfwbb.jpg Exilions chtulhu
Dragonyoshi66.jpg Flaming Burritobot dragonyoshi66
Jangofett-bestiary3.jpg Walker jangofettt

Honorable Mentions
Creation Name Player
Chopsuey.jpg Gunning-Blox Smasher chopsuey
Xlegox-bestiary.jpg Monocron xlegox
RandyVGT-bestiary.jpg Waka Doog randyVGT
William-bestiary.jpg Caterpillar of Doom william
Doxdox.jpg Roboalien doxdox
Dufus-bestiary.jpg Gatling Gun Robot dufus
Lem7861.jpg Unnamed lem786
Marinusss1.jpg Unnamed marinusss
Samuel151.jpg Space Viper V.2.0 samuel151
Andypipkin.jpg Aglor Bird andypipkin
Supermariofan64.jpg Chaotic Destroyer supermariofan64
Intile1.jpg Unnamed intile
Bigbrainkid.jpg Unnamed bigbrainkid
Magcrusher.jpg Ninja Dog magcrusher
Maxa.jpg Unnamed maxa
Charblok.jpg X-Robot charblok
Samsum2.jpg Sharky Thing samsum
Wizardarrac.jpg Fully Controllable Robot wizardarrac
Ploober-bestiary1.jpg Unnamed ploober33
Daxman1.jpg Unnamed daxman
Roblotica.jpg Zodak roblotica
Squible.jpg Robot SpongeBob squible
Bagman-bizarrebestiary.jpg "Extra honorable mention and zero Robux goes to bagman, for sending in this cute photo with no category or description. He wins a Question Mark." bagman

Tests of Bravado

These are the winners of the Test of Bravado – Obstacles, Rides and Traps that people would like to see in the future of ROBLOX.[9]

Best in Show
Creation Name Player
Articunox2.jpg Gyrocopter articunox
Yoshi649.jpg Hamburger Roller Coaster Cart yoshi649
Ploober33-tests-1.jpg Spikes ploober33

Honorable Mentions
Creation Name Player
Jangofett-tests.jpg Vending Machine jangofettt