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ROBLOX Better Tomorrow World's Fair was an event by Roblox that was announced on November 20, 2007, and ended on December 4, 2007.[1] Over 100 users entered the competition.[2]

In order to participate, users had to build a physical model out of building toys, including K’nex, LEGOs, and wooden blocks, as well as use paper, paint, and glue to make their model. They must then take a clear screenshot with clear lighting and send it to a specified email. They were able to send in as many submissions as they wanted for each category.[3][4] Users were not allowed to send in drawings, 3D computer-generated models, and screenshots from Roblox games or other games.[1] Users were also not allowed to send in photos from the internet.

There were five categories users could send their submissions to: Lands of Tomorrow, Captains of Industry, Bizarre Bestiary, Tests of Bravado, and Dogs of War. The top three winners for each category were rewarded with Robux.[1]


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