Not to be confused with the ROBLOX Studio hierarchy browser.

The ROBLOX Browser was a ROBLOX-created browser originally used for
ROBLOX Browser screenshot

Example of the ROBLOX Browser.

playing games within ROBLOX. Originally, the ROBLOX Corporation required users to download the ROBLOX browser before playing any user-created games.

When compared to other internet browsers, the main flaw within the ROBLOX browser was the lack of functional tabs; this spawned criticism within the community as users persisted in using Internet Explorer for playing ROBLOX. Users also complained that the ROBLOX browser only allowed users to navigate the ROBLOX website only, and the URL bar could not be edited.

An announcement on May 5, 2011, allowed users to play ROBLOX through both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, though the ROBLOX browser needed to be installed onto a user's computer in order to take advantage of this feature. ROBLOX announced on July 26, 2012, that the ROBLOX browser was no longer needed to play ROBLOX within other internet browsers, and the ROBLOX browser was removed shortly after the announcement.

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