ROBLOX Clan Battle 2014 was an event on Roblox that started on August 19, 2014 and ended on August 31, 2014.


Players from clans, or independent players that aren't in clans, battled each other for Player Points, to win prizes. The #1 clan, in the All Time sort on the leaderboard for each arena, would win a prize hat. All members of the winning clan would receive the hat.


The ROBLOX Clan Battle consisted of three type of arenas which had three different types of weapons/themes.Medieval Melee
Medieval Melee

The Medieval Melee arena of the ROBLOX 2014 Clan Battle

was an arena which mainly focused around melee weapons, such as the Elegant Blade, Mad Morning Star, Double Bladed Hand Axe, Dragonheart Sword & Shield, Knight's Sword and Spikey Stick of Civilized Negotiation. Adding on to this, the animation for the melee weapons were extremely different from the casual way they would swing a sword, which also got many players frustrated and annoyed that they changed the current animation into something more "realistic".


Winning Clans

Out of the three game arenas, only three clans could have won.

Medieval Melee: Frost Clan

Paintball Brawl: BishoBloxxed (Sponsored by The Vaktovian Empire)

Space Showdown: WIJ Clan Battle

All clan members of the three winning clans received a hat with their clan logo embedded on it.


The clans in second place on the all-time leader boards would receive a cap with the clan logo imprinted on it.

The runner-ups are as follows:

Medieval Melee: Trade

Paintball Brawl: HHCL

Space Showdown: The United States of America

Trophy Winners

There were trophies also included for players themselves.

Golden Trophy : Awarded to the top 1,000 players in the All Time sort for each period.

Silver Trophy : Awarded to the top 10,000 players in the All Time sort for each period.

Bronze Trophy : Awarded to the top 25,000 players in the All Time sort for each period.


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  • The clan battle used the new Animation API for the weapons used in the battle.
  • Players could also buy gear to help them in the battle.
  • There were two periods of time during the event. The first period lasted from August 19th to August 25th. The second period lasted from August 26th to August 31st.
  • Initially, the admins made a mistake on the awarding of the hats, and gave the Space Showdown space helmet to The United States of America [NUSA] instead of the WIJ Corporation.
  • The Space Showdown map was designed and created by DieSoft, a legendary clan builder.