The ROBLOX HQ Skate Park Contest was a contest held by Roblox between March 23, 2010, and March 29, 2010. The objective of the contest was to create a skate park based inside the headquarters.


Highest Rated Places



dragon188 2998
YoYoBoy1539 2955
Fighter377 2949
Cupcakescankill 2945
Sam3260 2921

Most Accurate Voters


Voting Accuracy

YoricksGhost1000 99%
1blox 98%
dilga101 97%
Pichu7245 97%
Eth65 96%





Hard Ride
Hard Ride
Awarded for ratings above 1450.
Scribbly XD
Scribbly XD
Awarded for ratings above 1750.
The Unstoppable
The Unstoppable
Awarded for ratings above 2000.

Grand Prize

ROBLOX Zeke and Luther Grand Prize Bike

The grand prize bike given to the winner of the contest.

It was announced at the beginning of the Zeke and Luther contest that Roblox would be giving away one X Games MotoX Bicycle, complete with a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. This prize was awarded at the end of this contest. It appears that Roblox has not published the grand prize winner's username anywhere.

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