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ROBLOX Holiday is an event consisting of 4 holiday-themed or holiday-decorated games. This event was sponsored by Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Each objective prize represents a body part or piece of clothing that a Snowman generally wears. The other prizes are collected when a certain goal is achieved.



Night At the Museum Secret of the Tomb Official Final Trailer FOX Family

The teaser trailer about the sponsored event.


Name Image Creator/Group
The Quarry
Work at a Pizza Place
Work at a Pizza Place1.jpeg
Sword Fighting Tournament
Laser Tag
Laser Tag.jpeg


Name Game Image Objective
Santa of the Future Laser Tag
Santa future.png
Win a round.
Festive Pickaxe Pack The Quarry
Festive pickaxe.png
Find the Turquoise ore.
Festive Sword Valkyrie Sword Fighting Tournament
Festive Sword Valkyrie.png
Achieve 10 wins.
Joyful Bell Helmet Work at a Pizza Place
Bell helmet.png
Do all jobs 10 times.

Serve 10 pizzas as a Chef. (Excluding: Manager and On Break)

Snowman's Carrot Nose Work at a Pizza Place
Carrot nose1.png
Find it on the set spawn-points across the map.
Snowman Scarf Laser Tag
Snowman scarf.png
Find it on the spawns at set spawn-points in the map Gift Exchange.
Snowman's Hat Sword Fighting Tournament
Snowman's Hat.png
Find it on set spawn-points in the map.
Snowman's Head The Quarry
Snowman's Head.png
Find it on set spawn-points.

(excluding: Mines)

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Larry's Night Guard Flashlight
Larry Flashlight.png
1 Ticket
Sir Lancelot's Sword
Sir sword.png
1 Ticket
Tablet of Akmenrah
Tablet of Akmen.png
1 Ticket
Dexter the Monkey
Dexter monkey.png
1 Ticket