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ROBLOX Holiday is an event consisting of 4 holiday-themed or holiday-decorated games. This event was sponsored by Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Each objective prize represents a body part or piece of clothing that a Snowman generally wears. The other prizes are collected when a certain goal is achieved.



Night At the Museum Secret of the Tomb Official Final Trailer FOX Family

The teaser trailer about the sponsored event.


Name Image Creator/Group
The Quarry
Work at a Pizza Place
Work at a Pizza Place1.jpeg
Sword Fighting Tournament


Name Game Image Objective
Santa of the Future Lasertag!
Santa future.png
Win a round.
Festive Pickaxe Pack The Quarry
Festive pickaxe.png
Find the Turquoise ore.
Festive Sword Valkyrie Sword Fighting Tournament
Festive Sword Valkyrie.png
Achieve 10 wins.
Joyful Bell Helmet Work at a Pizza Place
Bell helmet.png
Do all jobs 10 times.

Serve 10 pizzas as a Chef. (Excluding: Manager and On Break)

Snowman's Carrot Nose Work at a Pizza Place
Carrot nose1.png
Find it on the set spawn-points across the map.
Snowman Scarf Lasertag!
Snowman scarf.png
Find it on the spawns at set spawn-points in the map Gift Exchange.
Snowman's Hat Sword Fighting Tournament
Snowman's Hat.png
Find it on set spawn-points in the map.
Snowman's Head The Quarry
Snowman's Head.png
Find it on set spawn-points.

(excluding: Mines)

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Larry's Night Guard Flashlight
Larry Flashlight.png
1 Ticket
Sir Lancelot's Sword
Sir sword.png
1 Ticket
Tablet of Akmenrah
Tablet of Akmen.png
1 Ticket
Dexter the Monkey
Dexter monkey.png
1 Ticket


The Quarry

The Quarry was criticised in this event due to most players complaining about the quest on obtaining the Festive Pickaxe Pack due to the random spawnrate of Turqoise ore for the game. New players to the game also criticised the 28 ore limit for the game as you need to repeatedly go back up to the surface and sell the ores everytime when you reach the limit.

Work at a Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place was criticised due to the quest on obtaining the Joyful Bell Helmet. To get it, you need to do all the jobs that were in the game with the exception of Manager and On-Break 10 times. It was criticised due to most players in the game either were on-break, AFK, went to a party or they are a Guest which leaded most players doing the same thing more than 10 times as your supply will run out, you need to cook and box the pizzas, deliver pizzas and take orders as the cashier or you won't be able to finish your quest on getting the item.

Sword Fighting Tournament

Sword Fighting Tournament was criticised for being time-consuming when attempting to get the Festive Sword Valkriye as you need to wait a total of 1-4 minutes for you to duel someone. It was also complained by some players that sometimes during a 2v2v2 round, they will log into the ground.


Lasertag! was only criticised for the amount of Player points given out. During the Summer Games 2014, the game awards you 3 Player points per kill, while during this event, it gives 70 Player points per kill which leaded some users to criticise Corecii for the change. Reason behind this change is still unknown until this day.