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RO-In's Logo

ROBLOX Interception or RO-In for short is the new official Dragon Ball Sparking Meteor group. It was made official when Calculatous beaten KingSultanDBZ(the first champ) and Calculatous became the new strongest. Then, apprentices of Calculatous (ChonChon199 and EnglandHelghast) started getting stronger until they were on the chart too. 

Purpose of Creation

The purpose of creating a new group is to help the week DBSM players get stronger and just a place where players just hangout and be friends. The ranks in the group are all equal except for the Supreme Ruler and Supreme Fighter. The other purpose is to allow ROBLOXians to know who are the strongest people in the game. The game features both Sonicrush299's and Mastrj's versions of Dragon Ball Sparking Meteor.


Rank  Description Rank Level
New Student This is a new student or trainee. This is also known as a new member of the group, they have some authority such as accessing the training places and are allowed to attention parties and tournaments held. 1
Apprentice When a teacher have found a New Student, they contact an Elite Fighter+ and promote the Student to Apprentice. 10
Teacher These have authority to get apprentices. 100
Elite Fighters 3th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th places. 200
Supreme Ruler of the Game - Calculatous The leader of the new generation. 254
Supreme Fighter Group Holder and second strongest. 255
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