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The ROBLOX Olympics Building Contest was a building and video contest that started on August 1, 2008, and ended on August 11, 2008. Players made places and created videos about the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The event was announced by ReeseMcBlox in the Roblox blog and the forums on August 1, 2008[1][2] A second blog post was made on August 9, 2008, clarifying some of the contest rules[3]. Video contest winners were announced on the Roblox Blog by ReeseMcBlox on August 13, 2008[4]..

Entrance Procedure

Building Contest

Users must make a place with the title “Olympics2008 ________________” with whatever the players wish to call it on the blank line. The place should be put on the user's main account. The place must be Olympic Games related. It must be about one of the Olympic sports or be one of the locations for the Beijing 2008 games.

Video Contest

Players must post the video to YouTube with the following tags: ROBLOX Olympics Beijing. The video can be any length but must be about ROBLOX, the Beijing 2008 Olympics, and comply with the ROBLOX Community Guidelines. The 5 players with the most views on August 11, 2008, will each win 300 Tickets and a Black Ring Hat.


Only one entry per player is allowed. A player with Builder's Club membership may make up to 10 entries but will not receive multiples of the same hat. Advertising your place on the forums is only allowed in the Creations Gallery. Posts in other forums would be locked or deleted. Renaming a place that already has a lot of visits is OK. ROBLOX's database search will factor out all your previous visits and favorites. The user's place must still be on your account at the time the contest ends. All the prizes will be delivered within 1 week of the contest ending.


Prizes and requirements were announced in the initial Roblox Blog post but were later updated for more players to receive prizes[1][4]


Requirement Prize Tickets
10 visits Green Ring 0
100 visits Yellow Ring 0
1000 visits Blue Ring 0
500 favorites Red Ring 0
Mystery* Black Ring 0
Top Visits All Rings 500
Top Favorites All Rings 500


Prize Requirement
Awesome Ring 100 or more favorites
Bluesteel Ring 20 or more favorites
Golden Ring 5 or more favorites
Wanwood Ring Everyone who entered
Black Iron Ring Favoriting 5 Olympic places

The Wanwood Ring was later changed so that it was given to players who had 10 visits and also "followed the rules"[5]


Video contest


Players remarked on the official contest thread the following issues:

  • Places had to be named explicitly Olympics2008 ____ in order for the database to flag that player for a prize. Players who had variants, such as Olympics 2008, did not receive any prizes[6][7]
  • Prizes would not be given to players who changed the name of their place during the period between the end of the contest and the finishing of prize distribution. This was made clear in a comment by ReeseMcBlox telling players "Don't change your place yet. We are still counting" [6][5]
  • Obstacle courses did not count for any prizes. Players who worked as a team to build a place had the owner of that place receive the prizes.[5]
  • Prizes were delayed due to a large number of players winning the items.[8]. All prizes were delivered by the end of August 13[7]


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  • About 40 red rings, 150 black rings, 150 blue rings, 515 yellow rings, and over 3000 green rings were distributed[7].


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