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This article is about a discontinued feature.

This article is about the oldest currency on Roblox. For the deprecated feature used in games, see Player Points.

2005 Games

A screenshot from a May 2005 patent showing a user's ROBLOX Points.

ROBLOX Points (denoted by RP) was the original currency of Roblox introduced in 2004 before Robux was implemented on May 14, 2007. They were notably earned by creating a popular game, getting the top score in a minigame, or winning a contest.[1][2] They were removed by the time the site exited stealth mode in March 2006 for unknown reasons.


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  • At the time of their removal, Woodgie held the most ROBLOX Points with at least 16,265.[3]
  • The most profitable way to earn ROBLOX Points was winning a contest for 1000 points.[2]
    • Alternatively, achieving the high score for a game would earn you 25 points. Until June 27, 2005, breaking your own record on a game would earn you an additional 25 points.[1]