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The ROBLOX Pwnsville video contest was a video contest hosted by Roblox from May 19 to June 8. The results were

The news page for the winners. Displayed are the first two winners.

released early in the morning. The Pwnsville contest required one to 'blox' another user or model in the most fantastic and fabulous way possible.

History and Competition

The Pwnsville contest attracted many users to compete to win, including quite a few competent editors such as SharpTH.

During this competition, the user Tekkenmatin's entry was stolen by another anonymous user. It attracted a large selection of controversy and the user hosting the video eventually closed his or her account.

Winning Entries

On June 8, 2011, the winners of the Pwnville video contest were announced.

  • Builderman's Pick: Piecrust's Sword Drop
  • Brighteye's Pick: SethiXzon's The Splintered Sky Thief
  • ReeseMcBlox's Pick: sharomokun's The Grandpa Telamon
  • Telamon's Pick: DragonEater567's contest entry

Each winner received 1,000 Robux as well as a Telamon's Mystery Box hat.

Critical Reception of Entries

Many users that entered the contest and supported other losing entries were surprised to see the winners. Many felt that the entries picked were of poor quality and that alternative choices should have been made.

Piecrust's Sword Drop

The general response to Piecrust's video was very positive, with many touting it as a humorously short entry that served its purpose. However, some users have criticized it due to its simplicity; stating that little work was done to create the video.

SethiXzon's The Splintered Sky Thief

As was with Piecrust's Sword Drop, but to a lesser extent, the response to SethiXzon's video was relatively positive. However, it, too, was not without negative response. Many complained about the lack of actual gameplay and the overuse of effects. Others appreciated the editing, however, felt it was difficult to follow due to its complicated plot. Editor Tekkenmatin stated that it was a bad entry, but via annotation later retracted the comment and instead stated that it was 'good'. It currently has advertisements running that provides SethiXzon with a monetary payment.

Sharomokun's The Grandpa Telamon

Unlike the previous two entries, the response to The Grandpa Telamon was almost universally negative. Reviews and comments of this video were quite literally so poor that sharomokun disabled the video's ability to leave comments multiple times. The Grandpa Telamon has been criticized as being horribly edited, having a poor and nonsensical story (Telamon supposedly has the ability to ban users, however, he neglected to do so until the end of the video), and an overall sloppy video. In one scene, Telamon exclaims that he defeated the group of 'hackers' he duels, however, there is another left in the scene behind him. Currently, sharomokun has deleted all of the negative comments received and replied to all questions about the video with relatively rude comments about said users.

Dragoneater567's Contest Entry

Dragoneater's contest entry, quite unlike the other entries, did not have an official name. This video received a mildly fair response. Many enjoyed it, however, quite a few users complained about the fact that it was simply an 'average' video compared to most of the contest entries. A short period of time after Dragoneater567's video was featured in the blog, he closed his YouTube account for an undisclosed reason.