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The ROBLOX Rally 2011 was the first Roblox convention that occurred on August 1, 2011, at the Exploratorium. The conference was first announced by ReeseMcBlox on June 16, 2011, through a blog post.

The purpose of the conference was for players to meet up with each other and to discuss Roblox, ask questions to the Roblox staff, and find out about future updates to the game. One of the most notorious updates that were discussed at the ROBLOX Rally 2011 was the new Roblox terrain. This ignited controversy throughout Roblox, with players accusing the Roblox administrators of copying rival game Minecraft. Despite this, the terrain is still a feature on Roblox.

Tickets were sold for $10.00, and participants who were under the age of 12 had to attend with someone over the age of 16.



ROBLOX Rally 2011


At the ROBLOX Rally 2011, five different awards were given. Overall, ten players received awards while at the conference. Each award was named after someone throughout history that was famous for the same thing that the player receiving the award was also famous for. 

Award Name Description Winners 
The Lewis and Clark Award for Excellence in Exploration This award went to two builders who captured the fun of exploration via their highly detailed game environments.
The DaVinci Future of Roblox Transportation Award Some of the most fun you can have on ROBLOX is traveling very very fast. These three builders demonstrate the pure essence of vehicle programming.
The Beethoven Award for Excellence in Music These two players have taken the raw materials of ROBLOX noises – blaster fire, sword slashes, squeaks, and bubbles – and tweaked them until they make beautiful music. Their instruments are available as free models.
  • Brandonhare for Ridi Song Demonstration
  • GollyGreg for Music Showcase
The Builderman Award for Excellence in Scripting These two scripters have really pushed the level of innovation at ROBLOX. Each of their projects demonstrates extreme attention to detail and a drive for excellence.
  • SNCPlay42 for SNCAI Bot BrickBattle
  • Anaminus for Random Tree Generator
Roblox Developer of the Year 2011 This player is a powerhouse of fun and well-built games. He has a line of several awesome games that you should check out. He even made a ROBLOX Apples to Apples!