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For similar titled events, see Roblox Summer Games.

The ROBLOX Summer Games 2015 was a sponsored developer-made event. It was sponsored by Universal Studios due to their new movie, Minions. It was held in Beach House Roleplay, Super Bomb Survival and Speedy Hunt. The event started on July 1, 2015, and ended July 12, 2015.


Name Image Creator/Group
Beach House Roleplay
Beach House Roleplay Thumbnail.png
Super Bomb Survival
Speedy Hunt


Image Name Game Description Objective
Dawn of Time Goggles Beach House Roleplay "Every effective henchmen team needs a signature style, and Minions goggles have been around since the dawn of time." To achieve the item, the player must find the Au Natural Minion itself, which spawns in the Art Gallery, located on the left side of the map.
British Invasion Goggles 1 ticket "As with any invasion, the Minions want to be on the front line. This time, the invasion is of the pop-culture variety." The British Invasion Goggles are similar to the "Dawn of Time Goggles", as they are both goggles, and they both are an event sponsored item.


Image Name Price Description Info
Minions YTO Special 1 ticket "Get ready for a yellow takeover, courtesy of the Minions. Firepower of the paint variety - good for remodeling houses or ruining new outfits." The Minions YTO Special shoots what looks like squashed bananas(hence the yellow jars from the YTO), the squashed bananas do nothing, other than cause a mess in the game.
Vive Le Minion Sword Speedy Hunt "Napoleon was convinced he could break the cycle and win a land war in Russia. That was the Minion's idea. They also said go during winter. Oops." To obtain the item, the player must find the Vive Le Minion itself, and touch him to get the item, The Vive Le Minion spawns every second (or other) round of Speedy Hunt.
Cro-Minion Club Super Bomb Survival "The Minions have been serving the most despicable masters throughout time. This weapon was state of the art for evildoers…40,000 years ago." To achieve the item, the player must find the Cro-Minion itself, and touch him to get the item, The Cro-Minion spawns on random occasions during a round of Super Bomb Survival. It does NOT spawn in the lobby.


The event was met with backlash from the community, as users referred to it as a "dev event". Especially on the forums, users have described the event as "boring", "rushed", and not nearly as good as the first developer made event, The 2014 Summer Games. Some users even said that it took them less than 10 minutes to obtain the items. Some have also suggested that the developers make it more of a challenge to actually find the items.