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Roblox tablet

ROBLOX Tablets (series) is a series of BC-only limited gear items. They were created as a promotion for ROBLOX Mobile's release on the iPad. During the promotion, a tablet was randomly released for sale on the catalog for any BC member to purchase. The first tablet would be sold for 10,000 Robux, the second one 20,000 Robux, etc. until all tablets are sold. However, the last tablet, tablet #20, was sold for 1 Robux. When the ROBLOX iPad promotion ended with the release of the ROBLOX Mobile app, the current ROBLOX Tablet owners received an Apple iPad 3.

During their release, the tablets were labeled "Roblox Tablet #..." with their respective number of the release. Once sold, If the owner was to trade their Roblox Tablet after the tablet was named after them, they would forfeit the real-life iPad, thereby technically rendering the value (of the Roblox Tablet, not the iPad) useless. After receiving the actual IPads, a select few owners traded their tablets. However, many of the tablets quickly ended up in the hands of owners unwilling to trade them due to their insane rarity.

Tablet History and Winners

The following are users who purchased the ROBLOX Tablet. If the item was traded or sold, the person who ultimately won the iPad will be in the "Original Owner" category.


Tablet Number

Date CreatedPriceCurrent OwnerOriginal Owner
Roblox Tablet #1 11/13/2012 10,000 Robux baddecisions2 hicup789

Roblox Tablet #2

11/14/201220,000 RobuxMerelyMerely

Roblox Tablet #3

11/16/2012 30,000 Robux TheGamer101TheGamer101

Roblox Tablet #4

11/16/201240,000 RobuxKingAndrewKd4rk886

Roblox Tablet #5

11/19/201250,000 RobuxLuckymaxerLuckymaxer

Roblox Tablet #6

11/19/201260,000 RobuxPladPlad
Roblox Tablet #7 11/19/201270,000 RobuxStickmasterlukeRukiryo

Roblox Tablet #8

11/19/201280,000 RobuxmightybaseplateVilicus

Roblox Tablet #9

11/19/201290,000 RobuxnfnqMahem

Roblox Tablet #10

11/20/2012100,000 RobuxScientistmygame43

Roblox Tablet #11

11/26/2012200,000 RobuxSimoon68Simoon68

Roblox Tablet #12

11/27/2012300,000 Robuxbrayden99brayden99

Roblox Tablet #13

11/28/2012400,000 RobuxiznrTheAmazeman

Roblox Tablet #14

11/30/2012500,000 RobuxUn_Cantedbillylones
Roblox Tablet #15 11/30/2012600,000 RobuxMerelySeranok

Roblox Tablet #16

11/30/2012700,000 RobuxLinkmon99DailyBasis

Roblox Tablet #17

11/30/2012800,000 RobuxAre200Are200
Roblox Tablet #18 11/30/2012900,000 Robuxjclouie88Scython

Roblox Tablet #19

12/3/20121,000,000 Robuxmaplestickenyahs7
Roblox Tablet #20 12/4/2012 1 Robux Ryoshka ninjabart122

List of Tablets


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  • During the ROBLOX Tablet promotion, some of the original winners of the ROBLOX Tablet formed a group. The group is composed of what is believed to be some of the richest users on ROBLOX.
  • Merely is the only user who has 4 Roblox Tablets, two Roblox Tablets he brought.

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