The ROBLOX Tutorial Video Contest was a video contest which started on July 24, 2009[1] and ended on August 14, 2009.[2] The goal was to create Tutorial videos to assist new users.

Entrance Procedure

In order to enter this contest participants had to make a 60-second tutorial explaining how to do things in ROBLOX or ROBLOX Studio. Then, the participant had to post the video to ROBLOX with his username in the Video description. The Tag "ROBLOX Tutorial August 2009" had to be in the description as well. The video link and username had to be sent into a now-defunct entry form.

Winners and Rewards

Every user who entered properly were rewarded with a Bloxxadare Domino Mask, the top 100 participants were rewarded with a Vloxodrome Ranger Helmet. 250 4-String Roblocaster Premiere Guitars were randomly given to the entrants of the contest.

Top 100 viewed video winners

This is the complete list of the winners for the Top 100 Viewed Videos category, click the expand button to view the winners.

1x0x1x0x1 6sharks Adam4080 Altair7 Ashif3 awsomedude14 B3njam1n badboydre baoender Bloxmin Canrex capncrunch12 Cazami Chaddster cj54mln Claymore93 conga22 CrazyWally cupcakescankill daltonbrown97 darkahrims deadfall07 Defaultio densle12 Destroyer892 Dmdunn Duck Ducke1177 EonFire1002 Exchanger fastlane250 freshbakedpie gaara51 grarrg greenblur Hacker225 Hicup789 IamREBEL Iceman629 iloveclubpenguin Indyjones105 ItachiUchiha3 Jahw jamesezra Kiba44 kinglime Koadude LEAFPAW leg0builder Link9401 lockheed41 Lukeskywalker54321 madgamer MarioMario54321 MARIOSTAR6464 MASTERLUKE755 Maxs123 nate890 NearmissTFW neese NikeAirForce NintendoZACHERY Noah2010 paulcall Piecrust Pipwig12345 pokemaniacX prinplup14 pspjohn1 RedSquirrel redtears rewe rileytw RJx2541 roachfingers Robloxmon saveaseal13 SharpTH shockdude Sim55 SirBillybob SonicBoy stevenedb Stickmasterluke StudioMARIO taymaster thehobbit95 TheJoker21 Thunderbolt900 TimeL0rd UltimateMastodon Uploader V1CtOr vilgax weber49 Yaneru Yayotzin yoshiboy999 yoshislayer Zeno293


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