This article is about the 2016 event. For similar titled events, see Roblox Universe.

ROBLOX Universe is a sponsored event which sponsors Rogue One, a spin-off Star Wars film. The games used in this event are Phantom Forces, Galaxy and Skybound 2. The event started on December 8 and ended on December 17.


Game Image Creator/Group
Phantom Forces
Phantom Forces Thumbnail
StyLiS Studios
Galaxy Thumbnail
Skybound 2
Skybound 2 Thumbnail


Item Image Game Objective
Intersteller Sunglasses
Interstellar Sunglasses
Galaxy Smuggle 3 goods through these spaceports.
Helios Headphones
Helios Headphones
Phantom Forces Win 3 matches on the new Moon Base map.
Galactic Sun Hat
Galaxy Mine the rare space mineral and sell it to a special dealer at the spaceports.
The Major's Helmet
The Major’s Helmet
Phantom Forces Find the Codex after earning a 5 kill streak.
Skybound 2 Destroy 5 small ships.
Celestial Scimitar
Skybound 2 Destroy the Big Battleship.



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  • None of the items are based on the sponsored film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
  • During February 2018, you can still get the Intersteller Sunglasses and the Galactic Sun Hat in Galaxy since the creator hasn't disabled the event badge.
    • As of February 20, 2018, you can no longer obtain the items.
  • It is the final event to feature the old roblox logo.