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Video making is the act of creating videos on a variety of topics, such as the internet forums and video games, for various reasons, mostly for entertainment and fame. In ROBLOX, film making (also known as machinimas) is popular.


ROBLOX film makers have been around since 2007, when JJ5x5 created the "Roblox Gone Crazy" series of videos. These shorts utilized the physical properties of ROBLOX with overlapping sound effects to create a comedic effect in a series of sketches and recurring gags. A highly influential series named RoWar by StudioARE went viral with over 100,000 views. Another highly successful series was JohanSKo's "Trapped in The Darkness", obtaining thousands of views accumulated. Other users such as XiaoXiaoMan and Fleskhjerta soon followed in his footsteps and gained vast popularity across the ROBLOX community.

Seeing this surge of new ROBLOX videos, the moderators devoted an entire forum, ROBLOXiwood, to the practice. In this new forum, the "Studio System," or collective series of groups working together to produce films, was formed with the creation of ZZR Studios by Ultrazz in 2009. Since then, this forum has been reset two times: In 2013, it was merged into the I Made That Forum, a combination made with the Look What I Made Forum, a forum for builders. This change was seen negatively by both communities, as their posts were crowding each other's respective threads. As a way to try and keep the "Studio System" intact, a separate ROBLOXiwood Wikia was created by Superpenguin55 in July 2013. Despite never having more than 50 active members, this wikia was active until it was disbanded in November 2017.

After the negative reception of the forum removal was taken up with the moderators, they decided to change the "Look I Made That" forum into the "Video Creations with ROBLOX" the following year. The forum acted as the home of ROBLOX videos for users like ROBLOXFaave, Kasodus, Routess, and others. The atmosphere was more machinima and comedy oriented as opposed to the "Studio System" used before. It stayed active up until the forum removal.

Nowadays, many popular ROBLOX videos and machinimas are influnced by ObliviousHD's ROBLOX movie "The Last Guest". The first installment to the movie has over 15 million views, while the second has over 18 million. This created a new trend of ROBLOX videos on topics like "Sad Stories", "Guest Music Videos", and "Bloxburg Stories". These new videos receive millions of views and have even hit the Trending List on YouTube. ObliviousHD continues to work on The Last Guest Part 3, which is expected to receive millions of views and continue to influence the rest of the ROBLOX video makers. YouTuber, Lamtoons will produce the ROBLOX live-action-hybrid YouTube film, which will be uploaded on his channel.


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  • Although ROBLOX is a kid-friendly game, not all ROBLOX videos are appropriate for children, as some contain swearing and nudity.
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