There are four main ways of contacting other players on ROBLOX, those consist of Personal Messaging, Party Chat, Chat, and In-game chat.

Personal Messaging

Personal Messaging, also known as PM, is the main method Robloxians use to message others on ROBLOX. It is done by going on a users profile and pressing " Send Message ", this will then take you to a message sending page, of course. Then you title the message what it is mainly about. In the bottom, you put your message! Then, when you are done, you can click "send message" to send it to that user! You will be able to message this user as long as he/she does not have privacy mode enabled, or messaging disabled.

Party Chat

Party chat is another main source that Robloxians use to stay in contact with each other. You can use this feature to talk to the user in an instant message type. You will type something in, and within seconds, it will appear on the other user's screen! This is the fastest way to speak to fellow Robloxians. You can use this feature by going on this user's profile and pressing " Send Party Chat ". This button will not appear if this user does not have party chat on.


The chat tool is like the party chat, people use it to chat with one another using an Instant Messaging-based structure. They can do this by going on that users profile and pressing " chat ", some users have disabled this, if such an incident occurs, send them a personal message or party chat.

Privacy Mode

People with privacy mode on are either under 13, or their parents have selected them to have safe chat options. If you are safe chat, you can not talk in games, with the exception of the safe chat menu bubble, which has pre made phrases, such as "no", "yes", or "stop". Another thing that privacy mode does is disables messaging, party chat, regular chat, and also the following option. There is a few ways to override this mode. One thing you can do is go to "account" and press send an email to your email to update your birthdate, then set it above 13.

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