ROLVe Community is a game development group created by DevRolve known for their first-person shooter games Arsenal, Typical Colors 2, Unit 1968: Vietnam (Beta), and Counter Blox. Their games, name, and other features are mostly based on the company Valve, most noted for creating Steam.



Main Developers



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  • On May 21, 2017, the group was compromised due to cookie logging. After getting access to the group, the hijackers stole 590K Robux. Within a couple of hours, the group was restored back to its original owners.
  • The group was nominated for Studio of the Year at the 2018 Bloxy awards.
  • The group has 18 playable games on their group page, which are Arsenal, Counter Blox, Typical Colors 2, MURDER, Unit 1968, Silly Simulator, CB:RO Archived, Robber (BETA), TC2 CTE, Counter Blox (XboxOne Edition), Arsenal Archived, Arsenal Skin Maker, Silly World, Arsenal 2018 - 1.0, Medieval Clash: Reimagined, Legends, Elements of Eragard, and Skin Displayer.
  • ROLVe Community was formerly known as ROLve [Games Team] in a different group however a new group was made and that one is currently unused.
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