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"Counter-Blox" is ROLVe Community's flagship title. It is influenced by Counter-Strike and shares the same core gameplay and some of the maps. The game revolves around the Competitive mode of the game series Counter Strike, which is divided in two teams: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, which have different weapons. The terrorists' objective is to plant the bomb and make it explode (Or kill all the CT's), while the CT's objective is to defuse the bomb or kill all the terrorists. In the map Agency, there is an Hostage Rescue gamemode, even if the game was set on Competitive. CT's have to rescue the hostage, while Terrorists have to guard him. (Obviously T's and CT's will try to kill each other in the meantime)


There are many maps, some of them are from the Counter Strike series, while some others have been created by the developers.

  • Dust II by Bluay
  • Cache by AdministratorGnar
  • Inferno by Pastel_BlitzSP
  • Vertigo by TC8950
  • Office by Copehh and squidmcduck
  • Agency by TC8950
  • Fallen by FWEEEEEEE
  • Seaside by TC8950
  • Metro by FWEEEEEEE
  • Mirage by [TBA]
  • Overpass by [TBA


  • Counter Blox was only nominated for Bloxy's in 2016, nominated for 'Game Of The Year' , 'Best Maps' and 'Best Team Multiplayer Game'
  • Counter Blox has a few drastic content/gameplay changes from Counter-Strike
    • P2000 changed to PX4.
    • PP-Bizon changed to Tommygun.
    • Negev changed to MG42.
    • SSG 08 changed to Scout.
    • Galil AR changed to Galil SAR.
    • MP7 changed to MP5.
      • This was before Counter-Strike: Global Offensive implemented the MP5SD ingame. The MP5 had existed beforehand in previous Counter-Strike games, with the earliest version being traced to Counter-Strike Beta 1.0.
    • The SCAR-20 was removed in favor of sharing the G3SG1 on both sides. All SCAR-20 skins were converted into G3SG1 skins, as well as all the old skins for the weapons that were changed.
    • The map de_vertigo has some major changes to make it more balanced.
    • There are a couple original maps in the rotation that are not in Counter Strike.
    • Counter Blox uses most of the old Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gun sounds.
  • Counter Blox used to be called Counter Blox : Global Offensive, the reason being the developers are attempting to twist the game into their own style.
  • During Counter Blox's development, it was paid access on a different place, under the name "Counter Blox : Remastered"  It was sold for 50R$, This remastered update cycled out all the assets owned by Valve for original assets. 
  • Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists are dressed differently depending on the map.
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