Counter-Blox is a First Person Shooter created by ROLVe, and was their previous flagship title. It is inspired by Counter-Strike, an FPS game by the Valve Corporation and shares several of its maps and core game play.


The game revolves around two teams: the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists, who utilize different weaponry and have differing objectives. It is divided into several rounds, where the team who has the most wins after match point will have won the game. At the beginning of each round there is a "buy time", in which players are able to purchase various weapons and grenades using the money they earned from completeing objectives or killing players the previous round.

The terrorists' main objective is to plant the bomb and prevent the counter-terrorists from defusing it before it goes off, while the counter-terrorists main objective is to prevent the bomb from being planted in the first place, or defuse it, should that fail. As an alternative to their main objectives, one team can eliminate all of the other team's members to win the round.

Alternatively, the game can also be played in the Hostage Rescue game mode, which is limited to the Agency map. In this game mode, the terrorists must defend and prevent their hostages from being retrieved and rescued by the counter terrorists. If one hostage is rescued, the game ends.


There are many maps within the game, some redeveloped from the Counter Strike series, and some as original maps created by the developers.

  • Dust II by Bluay
  • Cache by AdministratorGnar
  • Inferno by Pastel_BlitzSP
  • Vertigo by TCtully
  • Office by Copehh and squidmcduck
  • Agency by TCtully
  • Fallen by FWEEEEEEE
  • Seaside by TCtully
  • Metro by FWEEEEEEE
  • Mirage by [TBA]
  • Overpass by [TBA]


  • Counter Blox was one of the entries to the 4th Annual Bloxy Awards, nominated for the "Favorite Map," "Best Team-Based Multiplayer Game" and the "Game of the Year" awards. Unfortunately, the game did not win any of these awards.
  • Counter Blox has several content and game play departures, compared to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:
    • P2000 replaced by the PX4.
    • PP-Bizon replaced with the Tommygun.
    • Negev replaced by the MG42.
    • SSG 08 renamed the Scout.
    • Galil AR renamed the Galil SAR.
    • MP7 replaced by the MP5.
      • This was before Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had introduced the MP5SD. The MP5 existed beforehand within the Counter-Strike series, with its earliest version dating back to Counter-Strike Beta 1.0.
    • The SCAR-20 was removed in favor of giving the G3SG1 to both sides. All SCAR-20 skins were converted into G3SG1 skins, as well as all the old skins for the weapons that were changed.
    • The map de_vertigo had major changes made to it for balancing.
    • There are a couple of original maps in the rotation that are not in Counter Strike.
  • Counter Blox used to be called Counter Blox: Roblox Offensive, although the latter part had been omitted later on, as the developers wanted to twist the game into their own style.
  • During Counter Blox's development, users could pay 50R$ for access to the game under the name "Counter Blox: Remastered"
    • In the development of the remaster, all of the weapon sounds and models were replaced with original ones, being originally ripped straight from CS:GO.
  • Both teams are given different uniforms depending on the map, such as the Anarchist terrorist group being present on the map Office, or the IDF group being present on Dust II.
  • A Xbox version came with Counter Blox one year after Counter Blox Remastered was released. It is a outdated game and it hasn't been updated except for when Counter Blox Xbox One was broken and it had to be updated.
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