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For the game, see Community:Stravant/ROtris.

ROtris was an event from 2008. The game was a modified version of Stravant's (previously xLegox) game, ROtris. ROtris' gameplay mirrored that of Tetris, and players had a chance to earn three Tetris-themed prizes in their Inventory.


Name Image Creator/Group
ROtris Thumbnail.png


Name Game Image Objective
Rusty Tetramino of Competence ROtris
Rusty Tetramino of Competence Hat.png
Become a beginning player in "ROtris".
Silver Tetramino of Accomplishment ROtris
Silver Tetramino of Accomplishment Hat.png
Become an intermediate player in "ROtris".
Gold Tetramino of Mastery ROtris
Gold Tetramino of Mastery Hat.png
Become a top player in "ROtris".
Bluesteel Egg of Genius ROtris
Bluesteel Egg of Genius.png
This item was obtained by owning all three of the other prizes. This item was repurposed from a fake egg in Eggstravaganza.


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  • The game can still be accessed on Stravant's profile. It is now broken due to Roblox updates.
  • A fixed version of the game can be played here.
  • Due to unknown circumstances, all 2006 and mid-2008 accounts have the items from this event even if they have not logged on since before the event started.
  • All the items in this event later went limited around the spring of 2010.
  • Roblox ran several advertisements to promote this event.[1][2][3]