Rare/Epic Hat Owners is a group made by ajhockeyfan. To join group, you need to have what is called a very rare or epic hat. After joining, you can compare your hat with hats of other people or talk about hats.

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  • Hat Owner - Owns hats, 0k to 10k in Limiteds!
  • Hat Collector - Over 10+ pages of Hats
  • Epic Hat Owner - Has over 15k+ in limiteds
  • Wealthy Hat Owner - Over 25k+ in Limiteds
  • Rich Hat Owner - Over 50k+ in Limiteds, or Over 25k worth of pages in hats
  • Filthy Rich Hat Owner - Over 100k+ in Limiteds, or Over 75k worth of pages in hats
  • Legendary Hat Owner - Over 1MIL+ in Limiteds, or Over 20
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