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Ready Player One was an event on Roblox, sponsored by the film of the same name. This was an event that all players could participate in, however, it was intended to be extremely challenging because the ultimate prize was only available for one person on the entire site. There were 6 regular prizes, 1 grand prize, 3 special items and of them, 4 unique prizes which were only able to be claimed by a single person each.


The Ready Player One is an event that does not provide where the prizes are located in a game, but instead, gives you clues on where they could be. There are three crowns, one for each key. There are three, being: Copper, Jade, and Crystal. Receiving all the keys awards you special wings, and having the authorization of competing to get the Dominus Venari, an exclusive and unique Dominus awarded to only one person who manages to complete all missions and defeat Mega Corp before any other player. More prizes are revealed on a gradual basis.


Name Image Group/Creator
Phantom Forces
Phantom Forces.jpg
StyLiS Studios
Mobile Piano
Mobile Piano.jpg
StyLiS Studios
Bitsquid Games
Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales
Egg Hunt The Great Yolktales thumbnail.jpeg


The clues Ready Player One provides are poems that help the players try to figure out where the keys are.

Clues for the Copper Key (Jailbreak)

Clue One

The location of the Copper Key may sound surprising
Especially if you have been antagonizing
If it's rehabilitation you seek
Then come find this grand antique
Infiltrate this sacred place unharmed
And there you shall find a secret old charm.

Clue Two

Whether by night or day
You'll find conflict happening in
All corners of this open world game.

Clue Three

Shift into overdrive
And plow into a specific wall at night
To infiltrate a secret area...
When this game first launched in 2017
It spanned 16,000 lines of code.

Clue Four

After you found all three pieces of the token by robbing various places at night
A secret entrance will open. Check behind the waterfall...
Once the token has been returned to its rightful heir, a trivia about video games you must prepare
The highest obtainable score is the poll, Wade Watts may know the goal
Another clue is in the train for you. Once found, return to the boys in blue.

Clue(s) for the Jade Key (Phantom Forces [PC] and Mobile Piano [MOBILE])

Clue One

Unlocking the Jade Key requires precision
Though some may lack the vision
And these ghouls are out for glory
Decrypt my journal entry and it shall reveal
A passphrase for something most conceal.

Clue Two

The blog contains the location
If you can decrypt its translation
Unscramble the author's name of a recent post
And you'll find another clue first and foremost.

Clue Three

This machine is really quite suspect
On two maps you'll find most bedecked
Go to a construction zone
Or an urban land where cars have once roamed.

Mobile Clue One

Check the creator's profile
And you'll find something worthwhile
Play this instrument
And the key will be imminent.

Mobile Clue Two

The pattern is a logic puzzle
With lights you'll need to juggle
Off, the lights must go
If you wish this key to show.

Clue(s) for the Crystal Key (Hexaria)

Clue One

It's time to shuffle your gear
The Crystal Key is near
Brace yourself for one last brawl
In the midst of nightfall
Come see what's wrong with that light
Because something's not quite right.

Clue Two

As you might have suspected
Speaking with light is the objective
Search around the hill to find a lantern that fits the bill.

Clue Three

A short blink is a dot
A long blink is a dash
Write down the pattern that you see
And this 4-letter phrase will bring you one step closer to the key.

Clue Four

To the land of Shermer you must go; bring this phrase from long ago
Those numbers you must enter, to find this place front and center.

Clue Five

Stand on the covers and recite my quote
Then under the water, you will find this note.

Clue Six

With the stone in hand, return to the wizards’ land
A trade you must attend, to accept this poem that's been penned.

Clue Seven

Inside this holy place is a man of a familiar face
Longbottom's the name, he might proclaim.

Clue Eight

Travoltron sure can groove, but you've got the moves
Beat his score and you'll own the dance floor.

Clues for Dominus Venari and the Golden Wings of the Pathfinder (Egg Hunt 2018)

Clue One

Your journey will come to an end.
In a place, all Gunters love to recommend.
But there's more to the story.
In a land called purgatory.
To enter, it would be wise.
If you wore some kind of disguise.
That can only be obtained.
When all fragments are contained.

Clue Two

Down in this infernal region lies an ancient foe.
Whose piercing gaze plunges you deep in woe.
This place is steeped in history...
I wonder if you can solve my mystery?

Clue Three

This villain most fowl wants total control
in a place almost devoid of soul.
Underneath a place of industry,
you can get closer to solving this mystery.

Clue Four

Don't believe what you see
The truth will set you free
Those cheaters won't be victorious
Have faith, and you shall be meritorious
No one yet has survived our final strait
Will you be the one to unlock the gate?

Clue Five

Scrambling for clues, your noggins must be—
Crack this gate by thinking carefully...
Amongst these collectibles, the hunt is on
for objects that reveal themselves if you have the brains and brawn.

Clue Six

An ancient arch of stone;
the true path to the throne;
hidden where most have not set foot;
wading murky water will do no good.

Clue Seven

A jungle of steel and stone,
no match for you.
Find the window and right home
and you can walk right through.

Clue Eight

If you wish to continue,
the Red Men's value combine,
use the skills you have within you,
bunny's favorite treat will shine.

Clue Nine

An ancient idol may dismay
But snatch the number on the way.
Put a ring on the machine,
where water flows between.

Clue Ten

In a world with a ceiling,
a fragment will be concealing.
Jumping fungi all day and night,
appearing when you're close up tight.

Clue Eleven

The Fifteam Egg is not vital
For those who seek the title
The Dominus Venari can already be obtained
By any Gunter unrestrained.

Clue Twelve

A fragment is found
When the totem is down;
When the totem is half its height;
When leopard sleeps on top of its head;
When ashes from campfire spread.

Clue Thirteen

Up in the clouds
High above the crowds...
Through this basket weaved;
Through this castle achieved;
Between the airship tent;
And between the diving board ascent.

Clue Fourteen

Rejoice! Take pride atop my abode
somewhere along this road
in a village long diminished
if you wish to reach the finish.

Clue Fifteen

Across the world, you must row
But how far are you willing to go?
This Eulerian puzzle stands in your way;
Under every arch you must scud and sway;
Once and only once; not twice
Or else you'll pay the price.

Clue Sixteen

Calling all Gunters, a final clue
Obtain all pieces; any can earn the egg of glass
For the last trial, however, all keys you must amass
Find the distress call and wear a disguise
Elements must be unscrambled to enter a surprise
Exceed his tests; race to the egg as the winner true

Movie Trailer


READY PLAYER ONE - The Prize Awaits-1

Video Clues

Video Clue #1:


Roblox Ready Player One Adventure Clue 1-0

Video Clue #2:


Roblox Ready Player One Adventure Clue 2

Video Clue #3:


Roblox Ready Player One Adventure Clue 3-0

Video Clue #4:


Roblox Ready Player One Adventure Clue 4-0

Main Prizes

The keys must be obtained in this order: Copper Key first, Jade Key second, and Crystal Key third.

Name Game Image Objective
Copper Crown of Bronze Jailbreak
Copper Crown of Bronze.png

Obtain the Copper Key after March 15.

Jade Crown of Bronze Phantom Forces
Bronze Jade Crown.png
Obtain the Jade Key after March 20.
Crystal Crown of Bronze Hexaria
Crystal Crown of Bronze.png

Obtain the Crystal Key after March 24.

Copper Crown of Silver Jailbreak
Copper Crown of Silver.png
Obtain the Copper Key before March 15.
Jade Crown of Silver Phantom Forces
Jade Crown of Silver.png

Obtain the Jade key before March 20.

Crystal Crown of Silver Hexaria
Crystal Crown of Silver.png

Obtain the Crystal key before March 24.

Grand Prize

Name Image Game Objective
Golden Wings of the Pathfinder
Golden Wings of the Pathfinder.png

Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales

Complete the Copper Key, Jade Key, Crystal Key, and Stained Glass Egg quests and then finish the obby located in the game called Time within Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales to get the Golden Egg in the final showcase, all before April 11th.

Other items

Name Game Image Objective
IOI Helmet Promotional Code
IOI Helmet.png


Stained Glass Egg Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales
Stained Glass Egg (Keyhole).png
Obtain the 8 fragments scattered across six worlds, then unlock the gate in Merlin's Swamp to gain access to the egg. It was still available until Egg Hunt 2018 ended.
Dominus Claves N/A
Dominus Claves.png
Not a prize, but instead a reward for the main developers of the games featured in the Ready Player One event.

Unique Prizes

Name Image Game Objective
Copper Crown of Gold
Copper Crown of Gold1.png
Jailbreak Be the first player to obtain the Copper Key. Obtained by JaseWoof.
Jade Crown of Gold
New version of Jade Crown of Gold.png
Phantom Forces Be the first player to obtain the Jade Key. Obtained by maplestick.
Crystal Crown of Gold
Crystal Crown of Gold2.png
Hexaria Be the first player to obtain the Crystal Key. Obtained by Sandfall123.
Dominus Venari
Dominus venari.png

Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales

Be the first player to complete the final mission. Obtained by r0cu.


After the keys were found, Roblox decreased the difficulty to acquire them.

Jailbreak (Copper Key)

(3/18/2018, 9PM PDT):

Roblox made it even easier to acquire the copper key.

  • Players now only need to shoot 4 cars instead of 10.
  • You can replay the "Jail Evaders" game after a failed attempt.

(3/15/2018, 9PM PDT):

Roblox made a few gameplay changes to make the Copper Key easier to acquire.

  • Players now can ram into the orange house during the day or night.
  • The amount of car speed required for players to trigger the cutscene (by ramming into the orange house) has been decreased.
  • Players can now rob the Jewelry Store, Train, and Bank during the day or night.
  • Players now only need to rob one of the following: Jewelry Store, Bank, and Train.
  • Trivia now has all answers on the prompt.
  • The third car of the train will always have the lockbox.
  • Players only have to shoot 10 cars instead of 100.
  • You can now acquire the Copper Key in VIP servers.

Phantom Forces or Mobile Piano [mobile users only] (Jade Key)

(3/20/2018, 9PM PDT):

Roblox made it a bit easier to acquire the Jade Key.

  • The "Lights Out" vending machine puzzle is now on every map.
  • Reduced number of zombies per wave and their walking speed.
  • Mobile Users: 'Mobile Piano' puzzle grid shrunk to 5x5.
  • The challenge is now completable in VIP servers, but progress does not save when you leave.

(3/27/2018, 9PM PDT):

  • Players only need to shoot at the vending machine to get the JKEY weapon.
  • Zombies will not gain health after each wave.

Hexaria (Crystal key)

(3/24/2018, 11AM PDT):

Roblox made it a little easier to acquire the Crystal Key.

  • Added an NPC next to the flickering lantern who tells you what the code is (CKEY). This code will remain constant for all players.
  • Added a text label on the map that says, “Enter the lucky numbers in the chat!” if you have the fortune cookie.
  • Reduced the accuracy of the dance battle AI from 97% to 85%.
  • Changed the description of the Philosopher's Stone card to say, “Better take this to Nick F!”

(3/26/2018, 9PM PDT):

  • Reduced the accuracy of the dance battle AI from 85% to 60%.
  • Players can now go back and battle Travoltron again even if they've already defeated him.

Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales (Dominus Venari/Golden Wings of the Pathfinder)

Roblox made it a little easier to acquire the Golden Wings of the Pathfinder. Therefore, those who obtained the Golden Wings of the Pathfinder before this update were given the Ready Player One - Silver badge, whereas those who obtained it after this update subsequently were given the Ready Player One - Bronze badge. However, being the only time in the event, this did not result in a downgrade of the avatar prize.

(4/5/2018, 11AM PDT):

  • The course is now easier overall.
  • Players will now respawn if they fail the quiz (which is still a perfect run).
  • Two lava fans have been replaced by solid platforms.
  • The drop-down zip-line sequence in the obby was replaced by a re-routed zip-line directly to the push blocks obstacle.
  • Players now have three minutes to complete the quiz (instead of 60 seconds).
  • (Undocumented) Players can go back into Mega Corporation from the Office of Creators via the amber portal.

(4/6/2018, 5PM PDT):

  • Only a score of 7/10 on the quiz is required instead of a perfect 10/10.
  • The fragments will no longer shatter if misplaced at the Dominus Gate in Merlin's Swamp (which in turn restarts the whole quest for the Stained Glass Egg).
  • (Undocumented) Dr. Mega will now tell you how many questions you got right and how many you need to get correct (7 questions) if you fail the quiz.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • The progress to obtain the prize has the same procedure as in the movie, where the player must find keys to open the big gate.
  • Mega Corporation is a parody of Innovative Online Industries, the evil company in the movie.
  • On March 13, 2018, a day after the event released, nobody had gotten any of the prizes, making this the hardest Roblox event up to date.
  • On March 14, three players found the Copper Key. One of them revealed the game (Jailbreak). All three claimed it took them approximately 10 hours in real life-time to achieve the Copper Key Crown. But after the improvements update on March 15, it only takes 18 minutes to complete the event.
  • JaseWoof was the first to get the Copper Crown and achieved it on March 14, 2018. He was followed by King_Turk and AntiSaltJ who were 2nd and 3rd.
  • This is the first time Jailbreak and Hexaria and Mobile Piano have been sponsored for an event.
  • This is the second time Phantom Forces has been sponsored for an event, previously was ROBLOX Universe (2016).
  • All event badges were disguised to appear much more innocent than they truly were. Both Jailbreak and Hexaria's badges were advertised as being dev encounters ('Meet the Devs' and 'Meet The Creators' respectively) while Phantom Forces were displayed as a badge that players could provide 'Game suggestions'. Mobile Piano's badge was masked as a test badge. Egg Hunt 2018's four initial prize badges were for collecting 100,000 golden eggs (actually for Stained Glass Egg]), 10,000 golden eggs (actually for entering Mega Corporation), a "g" badge (obtaining the Golden Wings) and a "s" badge (beating the quiz). These Egg Hunt badges have all been renamed and their images changed to list the proper information.
  • To compensate for the lack of compatibility, Roblox created an alternative way for mobile users to get the Jade Crown who otherwise can't access Phantom Forces at Mobile Piano.
  • It is possible to obtain more than 3 crowns. For example, a player may obtain the Jade Crown of Silver and complete the event again when it got easier, thus getting the Jade Crown of Bronze as well.
  • This is the third time a place has hosted two events at once, that being Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales.
  • r0cu is the first Roblox player to obtain the wings, therefore the Dominus. However, there was a bug that caused players before r0cu to not obtain the wings. This has led to some backlash.
  • The sixteenth clue of the Egg Hunt part had its first letters of each line spell "COFFEE"—something players quickly took note of. 
  • Due to the amount of criticism, this event has received most people agree that this event is considered to be one of "the worst events on Roblox". This was also the case with Teen Titans Go! from 2015.
  • This event is now the most controversial event on Roblox.
  • Evanbear1 who has his own block on Roblox's Twitch and YouTube channel where he livestreams his own segment of himself playing Roblox said that this event is also considered to be "the hardest Roblox event", and "the biggest Roblox event".
  • This is one of the four Roblox events to have a promo code; others being Hotel Transylvania 2, Kids' Choice Awards 2016 and Spider-Man Homecoming.
  • This event is similar to 2017's DuckTales event, where it shows clues in order to get the items. Later, a user would post on the internet such as YouTube, Twitter, etc., how to get the items.
  • In order to throw suspicion off the Stained Glass Egg, Roblox uploaded decoy eggs to the avatar shop. These eggs were:


Jailbreak (Copper Key)

Roblox has been severely criticized for choosing Jailbreak to be part of the event, as it is commonly seen as a heavily overrated and repetitive game. In terms of the quest to obtain the key, before the Silver Crown was replaced with the Bronze version it was insanely difficult for the vast majority of players, due to a variety of different factors.

Complaints have largely been about players who weren't after the key preventing the ones who were trying to get it from advancing through the quest by camping at the Bank and Jewelry store as Police, but perhaps the most common gripe with this event was about the train.

Roblox had used an RNG system to decide whether the lockbox would be available in the train carriage or not, and the spawn rate for a lockbox-containing cart was extremely low which forced many players to grind for hours while praying that they would finally get a lockbox, while others got insanely lucky and obtained it in a few attempts (e.g. the first winner of the Copper Key had luck and did not have to grind endlessly, while many others who were farming the train for the lockbox way before he found it was not so fortunate). This has been changed after the prize became the Bronze crown instead of Silver to incorporate a guaranteed lockbox-containing red cart on every train. Roblox still received disappointed responses because some people still wanted the Silver Crown, and they thought Roblox assumed that they were too unskilled to get the Silver one and nerfed the event (even though it was heavily RNG-based and glitchy).

Along with this issue, another bug with the train involves going to the first red section of the train and breaking into the vault, only to discover there is no text displayed when you try to unlock the box when in possession of a key. This glitch is not very common, but can still happen to some players.

Players also criticize the fact that if you get quite far in the mission, something can glitch out and force you to swap servers while the game doesn't save your progress, making it extremely irritating because you have to do the mission all over again. This is still a problem after the Bronze Crown became the prize. Another thing players criticized issues that Roblox hid the Copper Key in the train, which is extremely laggy with a high chance of being flung.

Phantom Forces (Jade Key)

Many players were flabbergasted that two people were able to get the Jade key before any clues were revealed, maplestick and nol_an. They were accused of exploiting, getting developers to tell them the places, selfishness for not giving away the location and many other remarks from those who could not comprehend it was possible, even though Roblox stated that the clues don't necessarily have to be seen to find the keys.

In terms of the event itself, the primary complaint was having to fight over the acquisition of the Jade Key (in the form of a Melee weapon for Phantom Forces). The vast majority of players were annoyed and frustrated over not being able to solve the vending machine puzzle because players from the other team would come and kill them to have a turn at it, and this would evolve into a war where neither team would have ample time to solve the puzzle without being mowed down because the other team also wants to solve it.

Hexaria (Crystal Key)

Hexaria received the least amount of criticism out of the three Key locations, partly because the actual quest for the Crystal Key did not involve PvP at all. Instead, it consists of a series of puzzles and a DDR-style minigame at the end. Hexaria was actually praised by most players because it was a fresh new game rather than an older one, and Roblox decided that they should host one of the event Keys.

However, some players do complain about decoding the Morse code signals of the lantern, either because they can't figure out how to solve them or because they have to wait until the next night to view the flashing signals again (similar to activating the Chicken cutscene in Jailbreak). Another issue players complain about is the difficulty of the DDR-styled minigame, which is relatively difficult and results in having to fight a card battle against the boss (who turns out to be vastly overpowered) if the player loses the dance battle. This essentially forces players to reset and run all the way back to the dance room to try again.

Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales (Dominus Venari & Golden Wings of the Pathfinder)

Egg Hunt 2018 was criticized due to the difficulty of finding the fragments, especially the last two. Early on, the obby and the quiz that's part of the final course has been criticized for being too difficult, as some resolved to wait until a lowering in difficulty. When the challenge was downgraded, users were quick to critique Roblox for not downgrading the prize as well. Even more criticism was the fact that there was once a glitch where you could go through every laser throughout the game, without losing health. This and other small issues have however been fixed. Finally, one of the elements of the game that stirred the most controversy was the quiz at the end of the obstacle course, which some users reported as not working. This issue was later patched by the event developers and JParty explained on Reddit why Roblox believes the event winner is the real winner of the event. People also got mad because Roblox did not shut the game down when they were fixing the glitches. Instead, they uploaded the fixed game while people were still playing. This meant that whoever was the one to finish the event after the update would get the Dominus Venari.

Aftermath of Ready Player One

The one player who found the Dominus, r0cu, was maliciously targeted and harassed by disappointed players (most of which also wanted the Dominus). He was accused of cheating because he was not the first person to complete the quiz, [citation needed] instead of the first one after the patch. [citation needed] These rumors subsequently were intensified due to the fact that influencers started covering the rumors in their content. [citation needed] Some people have even gone out of their way to send him death threats and leak his personal information. [citation needed]

It has been speculated that r0cu exploited during the event, or did not get the three keys beforehand. Although, these claims have since been disproven by the developers of the event and Roblox itself through a Reddit post. In the video of r0cu getting the Dominus, he is also shown wearing the Crystal Crown of Bronze, so it is likely that he deleted the other crowns and badges for unknown personal reasons.

According to comments made by r0cu himself on sites like YouTube and Rbxleaks, he has stated that he believes "bombarding him with hate and leaking his personal information over a virtual item is completely unnecessary". [citation needed] He has also stated that his family has been negatively affected after the leak, to the point at which they felt the need to contact authorities as precautions to aggression from other community members. [citation needed] Many players sympathized with him after learning about the abuse.

On August 29, 2018, a post made to a third-party forum by a former exploiter had allegedly ousted r0cu for not playing by the rules, as visual evidence displayed a user claiming to be him that messaged the exploiter on Discord and even sent real-life money over PayPal in order to receive advantageous information about the event. [citation needed] It is unconfirmed whether these allegations are true or not, as the post was removed two times and the timestamps on the conversations were extremely close to the end of the event. [citation needed]

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