Recon-Assault-Team (RT) [Not to be confused with RAT, another large clan] is a relatively older and powerful clan of ROBLOX. Created by RogueJ47 in mid-2011 and currently led by HigherDesire, it is a very controversial clan and the first to bring light to the topic of super-sized clans being built exclusively through the use of VIP recruiting off of front page games. Its leaders have been the subject of controversy themselves after a string of betrayal and deceit over attempting to gain leadership over the Recon Assault Team.



The Recon Assault Team was created around the summer months of 2011 by RogueJ47. For a while, it was just another typical small-sized clan with the occasional training. For the most part, it was just a make-and-toss Clan. A few weeks later, Rogue's fort for RT went public. Although it was poorly built and was even built primarily using a WIJ fort that was exploited and leaked into the free models it hit the front page quickly. RT amassed thousands of members over the next few weeks. Around the same time period, a group known as the BTMpire (Bobatheman's Empire) was at the pinnacle of its power and Bobatheman, the leader of BTMpire at the time, took notice of RT's success in clan growth. He contacted Rogue and through social engineering convinced him to let him hold the clan while he trained Rogue in the Art of Leading.

Golden age

RT, along with many other BTMpire vassals lost much activity as the forefront of the clans, the Alversian Peoples' Navy garnered it up. After a while, Boba decided it was time to reveal his true intentions. He sent Rogue into exile in an act of betrayal as he handed over the reins of RT to a former high ranking BTMpire associate, BlueBlood12. An ironic display of mutiny soon struck, Blue renounced the BTMpire's control over RT and announced its sovereignty. The BB12 Era started. It was a very prosperous era for RT. RT soon developed a culture all its own, forged many alliances with friends, and created a strong group of followers. Although they kept to themselves more so and stayed out of the public light, RT soldiers when fought were a very formidable opponent. Regarded by many as the golden age of RT, however, the leader was cast in a dark light by others publicly after the scamming of a popular entrepreneur named B3njam1n (who later went on to acquire RT in the distant future).

The dark era

Blue grew dreary of ROBLOX and his time of leading RT. Things slowed down, the group dulled out and many loyalists faded from the weekly activities. RT was soon passed around between businessmen, clan-hoppers, and many who just simply didn't put effort into leading it. It was eventually regarded as a dead clan and still claimed by some. However, in December 2012, after being held partly by PappyJr99 who held RT as a vassal state under TLE, the figure named B3njam1n reappeared in an effort to claim RT. After a brief bidding war, B3n and Pappy reached a deal of a Dominus and the midsize clan Russian Armada for ownership of RT. B3njam1n now is the sovereign leader of RT and has gathered up many former high-Com and loyalists of the past while bringing in some of his associates from older clans as part of the current governance. Many people have strong hope in B3n as the current ruler, hoping that RT will gain much respect from the clan community as well as settling on a stable leader.

On the 29 July 2014 HigherDesire claimed ownership of RT as the previous owner had been terminated. This brought RT out of the ownership of The Stomp Legion.



  • [Mid 2011]
  • Creator of the Recon-Assault-Team. Used a leaked WIJ based found in free models to VIP recruit.


  • [Mid 2011 - Late 2011]
  • Emperor of the BTMpire who brought RT into the BTMpire as a vassal. Initially announced that he'd be training Rogue who'd eventually be made owner again, he betrayed him and handed RT over to his BTMpire associate Blue.


  • [Late 2011 - Mid 2012]
  • First true Ruler of RT. Brought RT into its Golden Age lasting nearly a year. Gained Rulership after receiving the Clan from Bobabatheman and later denouncing Boba's control in a scandal of betrayal involving his loyalty to the BTMpire.


  • [Late 2012 - ?]
  • Current leader. Made a deal with PappyJr99 to purchase RT in an attempt to bring it out of being a Vassal of The Lycan Empire . Noticeable increase in Activity during the earlier period of his Leadership but not quite yet at its former might.


  • [29 July 2014- 11 September 2014]
  • The leader who brought RECON-ASSAULT-TEAM back from the dead. In this short period under the leadership of HigherDesire the group was more alive than ever. Whilst this leader was losing support from the high-ranked 'veterans' within RT due to rank issues the high-ranks revolted, causing an exile and reform of the ranks. With the fault of the high-ranks, HigherDesire stepped down from Chancellor of the RECON-ASSAULT-TEAM.

Less significant leaders

  • After Blue's Era, RT was left in the dark age and was passed around like a dead Clan and bought/sold as an asset by a few businessmen. It was owned by many leaders who quickly gave up on its recovery (referred to as clan hoppers): Xavier83, SkyDubnium, PappyJr99 and a few more unmentioned. The dark age ended in December with the Owner B3njam1n, which was then passed on to its now current owner, Gavin1999; who is attempting to bring it out of inactivity.
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