The Report Abuse GUI as of May 2020. Now, the GUI are separated into player reporting GUI and place reporting GUI.

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The Report Abuse GUI from 2017-2020.


The Report Abuse GUI from 2014-2017.


The Report abuse GUI from 2012-2014.

Reportabuse ovr

The Report Abuse button, seen in 2007.

The Report Abuse button (which is now a GUI) was released on January 31, 2007,[1] and was the first way a user could report someone for breaking the rules. Once the main HUD's button is pressed, a box entitled 'Report Abuse' will ask for a description of the incident and what category it falls under.

It has been theorized that it takes two or more reports upon a player before it has any effect on them, which may promote server-wide hate towards anyone committing any action against the terms of service. Today, the button is in the in-game menu.

A player can be reported quickly by clicking the player's name in the player list, same as the other GUI but not showing "Game or Player" and the reasons are different.

On the official website, users can report a player by clicking the "Report Abuse" link under the user's profile, which will send them to a page similar to the in-game Report Abuse form, but with the player's name already filled out.

In December 2010, players were awarded with a gift called "Janitorial Gift of Taking Out the Trash" if they reported 20 players for breaking the rules.

Fast Track

Fast Track PM

The private message sent to a user to notify about their entry into the program.

Fast Track is a program that allows a much faster way for reports to be handled and was introduced in the summer of 2018. It enrolls users that have reported countless genuine reports that make the platform safer. Once a user is in the program, it can be seen in the settings and has a small description of the program and a chart showing the "Accuracy" of a user's reports (the number of times moderation agrees with the reports a user sends monthly) and an average Accuracy rating with others in the program.[2] A user may be kicked out of the program if they send in bad reports or have a low Accuracy rating.


The "Fast Track" program, accessible in the settings if a user is enrolled.

It is unclear whether-or-not a user is eligible to rejoin the program in the future if they were previously kicked out.

Report Reasons

  • Inappropriate Language - Profanity and Adult Content (words deemed offensive to use, words with obscene definitions)
  • Asking for or giving personal information - (either requesting or displaying information that can be used to identify and contact a player personally, such as phone numbers or street addresses)
  • Bullying, Harassment, Hate Speech (cyberbullying, discrimination)
  • Dating (Online Dating)
  • Exploiting, Cheating, Scamming (using exploits, scamming other players for Robux and items)
  • Account Theft - Phishing, Hacking, Trading (scamming by asking for account and personal information, hacking other accounts, account trading)
  • Inappropriate Content - Place, Image Model (contains nudity, sexual content, graphic violence, drug abuse, or criminal activity)
  • Real Life Threats & Suicide Threats (threatening to commit violent acts, including suicide, in real life)
  • Other rule violation (anything else that is prohibited by Roblox Community Rules)


Many people think reports are "flawed" and "don't work" and have also claimed that they aren't even read, even if the person very obviously violated the rules. However, others say that rule-breakers' reports do get read, however may take a long time.

Some players also criticise that there are a limited amount of moderators to read reports. Some players also believe that reporting only checks the chat log, which they say that exploiters may not be caught.

People also complain about the "lack of administrators reading reports".


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