Retexture Artists Official Channel (RAOC) is the official ROBLOX Group for retexturers. It is owned and managed by BrightEyes, with Group Admins helloppl1404, IBarrageI, saveaseal13, hicup789, HanSolo996, vibhu and DarkGenex . The Group's Super Admins are totbl, tarabyte, Shedletsky (Telamon) and CloudWanderer. The Group is join-request only, and few people are granted permission- as you must be invited to join. Members of the Group link their retextures or sets on the wall. The Admins and Super Admins find the best textures and set them up for publishing.


The group has became inactive due to the fact that Roblox no longer reviews or responds to retexture submissions. However, in recent months, the group has reformed itself in a private, invite-only Discord channel. Members of the Discord are not exclusive to those in the Retexture Artists Official Channel; high-ranking users from tarabyte's Retexture Apprentices group have been invited to join the Discord channel, too.

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