The Trade Currency System is now shutdown due to the removal of tickets.

The current RoblEX page.

The ROBLOX Trade Currency (or RoblEX) is a section of the site released on November 21st, 2008[1], used to trade both currencies, ROBUX (abbreviated R$) and Tickets (abbreviated Tix) with different rates. Most casual users use it for converting their currency to buy different goods; however, it is possible to earn money through the Trade Currency by manipulating the ratios and exchanging currency for the right rates. On April 14th, 2016, the Trade Currency system will be shut down due to the removal of Tickets on that date.



Pair lists what is being exchanged through the Trade Currency. The Pair section always reads "BUX/TIX", which indicates that ROBUX and Tickets are being exchanged constantly.


The rate states what rate your Tickets and ROBUX will be transferred through if you chose to use a market trade. The rate is created by taking the highest rate for Tickets and dividing it by the lowest rate for ROBUX.


The spread is the distance the highest Tickets rate is from the lowest ROBUX rate. The larger the spread is, the larger the difference between the two rates.  With a large spread, one can gain larger profits from their transaction, only by using limit order.

Negative spreads mean that the Tickets rate is higher than the ROBUX rate, meaning one can make profit using market order.


The high and low rate shows the lowest rate for ROBUX, and the highest rate for Tickets out of all outstanding transactions within the last 24 hours.

Available Charts

On the right side of the page lie the current trade amounts and rates for both currencies. The chart on the left side is for Tickets, and the chart on the right side is for ROBUX. The charts show all of the top 20 lowest outstanding ROBUX trades and top 20 highest outstanding Tickets trades.

Trade Window

In the very middle of the page lies the Trade window; this is where you perform transactions by entering how many ROBUX or Tickets you wish to enter and hitting "Submit Trade". One can choose between Market Order, which transfers your trade according to the current default rate, or Limit Order, which allows the user to choose the exact amount of Tickets or R$ they want in exchange for their trade. Checking "Allow split trades" before submitting will allow the user's trade to go through in separate parts, unchecking it will try to put the trade through in one lump sum.  If the trade is not allowing split trades, trades behind it can be processed before it.

As of April 28th, 2013, The update shows that the player must click trade on the upper left corner of the page. This will lead to the trade window.



On the left of the page below the trade button are the user's current positions and history, set up in four tabs for convenient use. You can access any current ROBUX or Tickets trades here and cancel any transactions in progress. You can also access your history of previous trades here.


It is possible to use RoblEX to donate currency to another player without ROBLOX subtracting their customary 30% Market Fee, and the recipient does not have to be a Builder's Club member.

In this example, the amount being donated is Template:ROBUX.

  1. The recipient creates a Limit Order with "What I'll Give" being 1 Ticket, and "What I'll Get" being Template:ROBUX
  2. The donator creates a similar order, but with the parameters reversed, giving the Template:ROBUX, and getting the 1 Ticket

This same system can be used to give Tickets, but will cost more for the recipient.

System Shut Down

On April 14th, 2016, Tickets as well as RoblEX were removed from ROBLOX. Read more here.


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