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Lemme tell y'all about this brand new dance move It's called the Leo Strut and here's what you do

Chorus: You put your elbow up tight, take a step with the right Tilt your head to side, smile real real wide

Leo Strut (Say what-wha-wha-what?) x2

You can do it outside you can it indoors You can do it if you tryna walk into Mordor At a soccer game or on a trip to the moon They even did it in that movie called Iron Man 2 It's a crazy way to walk if you in the army But highly unadvisable when theres a tsunami If you with Terminator bumpin' Tupac Shakur Feel free to Leo Strut with some friendly unicorns For sure goin' to war or bout to rob a bank You best strut with confidence and you will remain safe If stuffs blowin' up there's no need to rush Take your time clear your mind do the Leo Strut

Chorus x2

We did back in 'Nam right next to King Kong In Jurassic Park we always turned the swag on Leo Strut ya ass up and get outta ya bed Meet me on the dance floor No Country For Old Men You dumb fucks this the Leo Strut We climbed Mt. Everest and walked with Jesus This ain't no stanky leg, Leroy Jenkins is dead We up in outer space riding lions' heads Strut with a Platoon in Modern War Fare 2 We be killin 'em struttin' while y'all still plain' Doom If you happy and you know it, put ya right leg forward Don't be afraid jus show it Leo Strut keep it going

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