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Roblox Creator Challenge is a sponsored promotion that began on June 21, 2019. It is sponsored by Godzilla: King Of The Monsters.[1][2] It is the successor to the Roblox Creator Challenge by Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and the Roblox Winter Creator Challenge.

Just like its predecessors, users must use Roblox Studio and complete the lessons teaching the basics of Roblox Studio and how to complete a round-based game, in which players imitate Godzilla and try to earn the most points by smashing the city. They must then take a quiz to review what they have learned in their lessons. There are three lessons; completing each would reward one of the three prizes.


Name Image Creator/Group
Creator Challenge Quiz
Roblox Creator Challenge


Name Game Image Objective
Rodan's Head Creator Challenge Quiz
Rodan's Head.png
Answer all the questions correctly in lesson 1.
Godzilla Spine Backpack Creator Challenge Quiz
Godzilla Spine Backpack.png
Answer all the questions correctly in lesson 2.
Ghidorah's Wings Creator Challenge Quiz
Ghidorah's Wings.png
Answer all the questions correctly in lesson 3.


Just like the previous Creator Challenge events, this event received a large amount of criticism in the community due to the event being "too simple and easy" for players. Players did not have to take the lessons and could answer all the questions by looking at guides or searching them up. In addition, there was no penalty for selecting an incorrect answer.


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  • This was the last event that gave out items within a game, having come out a month after the release of Live-Ops.
  • Originally, it was likely that the Coney Cone Companion, Stop Light Backpack and the Clock Tower Hat were all planned prizes for the challenge until Godzilla became the sole sponsor for the event. This can be seen by similarities between the prizes and the challenge theme.


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