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The Roblox Death Sound, commonly referred to as either Oof or Uuhhh, is the sound that plays when a character dies or resets in-game.


When viewing the sounds Metadata from pre-2013 clients, it will show that the audio was created on September 18, 1999, using Sound Forge 4.5. The original sound is from the ending scene of the 2000 shooter game Messiah. The audio file was first uploaded to the Library on June 24, 2009, as uuhhh.wav, and the earliest version can be found inside the 2007 client (with a higher bitrate). Some people say that it is a rip-off of a sound effect from Super Mario 64.


The Roblox Death Sound is also a meme throughout and outside of the Roblox community. The usage of this meme refers to the ridiculous nature of its sound. There have also been instances of people making music or remixes or even censoring swear words using the audio file.

In some instances, the Bighead and BiggerHead (shown below) are associated with the Death Sound.

Improved Bighead
Biggerhead look

Other Appearances

When adjusting the volume in the Roblox application ingame, the game will trigger the Roblox death sound based on the volume the player has set. This is used to indicate how loud or soft the volume is to the player, which will help the player better adjust the volume based on the game's sound. The date which this feature was added in early 2017, after its spread of the meme in late 2016.

Scrolling down to the bottom of any page on a mobile device will show a message saying, "OOF! You’ve reached the end!"


The message on mobile


A group known as Direct Studios has created a game called "Oof!", which is themed around the Death Sound. This is the most popular game on the platform which revolves around the sound.

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