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The Roblox Developer Hub is the official resource about Roblox development. It gathers tutorials and guides on game development and has an API reference with documentation on classes, enums, and the global namespace. The Developer Hub replaced the Roblox Developer Wiki in June 2018.[1] Its content is maintained by the Developer Relations team.

Roblox Developer Wiki

The Developer Hub is the successor to the Roblox Developer Wiki, which now redirects to the Developer Hub. The wiki previously had open applications, which allowed users to become a wiki editor, but this is no longer the case as the content is maintained by the Developer Relations Team.

Most articles and other pages from the Roblox Developer Wiki were moved to the Developer Hub, but some were not or were renamed in the process which left broken links to wiki pages across the internet.


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  • The developer hub has a subdomain, It is unknown what this subdomain is used for, although it is likely used for viewing the wiki prior to publishing.


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