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Roblox Developers Conference 2020 (usually shortened to RDC 2020) is an annual event that was initially planned to take place in San Francisco, California. Unlike previous years, it would have taken place in a larger venue to hold more attendees[1][2] and a European venue would not have been held.[3] The event took place from July 24 to July 26, 2020, with game-jam games being made a couple of days in advance.

According to the original 3-day schedule, two keynotes would have been held Friday night, unlike previous years where no keynotes are held on Friday. After that, a party would be held Friday night, followed by Saturday keynotes, and Saturday/Sunday game jam.

Due to the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic, a post on the Developer Forum was made on March 17, 2020, to assure developers that Roblox did not plan on canceling RDC 2020 at the time due to the pandemic.[4] However, on March 26, 2020, a follow-up post was made saying that the event was cancelled, and instead will be hosted digitally.[5]

All avatar shop items for the event were published on July 21, 2020.

JParty (left) and builderman (right) seen during the Q&A on day 3.

The event took place on a private Discord server that all attendees were invited to join, as well as the developer relations team. Day 1 consisted of various keynotes and upcoming features. Day 2 consisted of more keynotes, breakout sessions and upcoming features, as well as opening up a channel allowing developers to directly request new features. Day 3 consisted of statistics as well as live Q&A panels, including one between JParty and builderman.

Group picture

Like previous RDC conferences, the event was closed with a group picture. This picture was taken at this place.

Game Jam

Like every year, the RDC Game Jam is an event in which a team of developers has a limited amount of time (normally a day or less) to create a game to compete against other games that are judged based on specific categories.


Category Winner Developers
Best in Show Shapescape GhettoMilkMan, dayzeedog, maplestick, theloudscream, Brick_man & ilyannna
Excellence in Visual Art agn●sia boatbomber, thisfall & Elttob
Most Creative Gameplay Visions of a perspective reality Noble_Draconian & Spathi
Outstanding Use of Tech The Eyes of Providence Quenty, Arch_Mage, AlgyLacey, xJennyBeanx, Zomebody & Crykee
Best Use of Theme Sticker Situation dragonfrosting & Yozoh

Avatar shop items

Name Image Objective
RDC 2020 Backpack
RDC 2020 Backpack.png
Attend RDC 2020.
RDC 2020 Lanyard
RDC 2020 Lanyard.png
Attend RDC 2020.
RDC 2020 Lapel Pin
RDC 2020 Lapel Pin.png
Attend RDC 2020.
RDC 2020 Shirt
RDC 2020 Shirt.png
Attend RDC 2020.
Spectacular Spectacles 2020
Spectacular Spectacles 2020.png
Win in the "Best Use of Theme" category.
Champion's Chip 2020
Champion's Chip 2020.png
Win in the "Outstanding Use of Tech" category.
Maestro's Mind 2020
Maestro's Mind 2020.png
Win in the "Most Creative Gameplay" category.
Palette of Perfection 2020
Palette of Perfection 2020.png
Win in the "Excellence in Visual Art" category.
Game Jam 2020 Best in Show
Game Jam 2020 Best in Show.png
Win in the "Best in Show" category.
Jammer's Cap 2020
Jammer's Cap 2020.png
Participate in the Game Jam.


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  • It is the first fully digital Roblox Developers Conference since Virtual BLOXcon 2014.
  • It is the first and only event canceled due to a disease outbreak.
  • It is the first and only real-world Roblox event to be canceled.

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