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Roblox Developers Conference 2021 (usually shortened to RDC 2021) was an annual conference event that took place from October 14 to 16, 2021. A typical Roblox Developers Conference event includes game and platform update announcements, networking opportunities with major developers, and game-building events, such as an overnight game jam for attendees.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, RDC 2021 was offered both in-person and virtual attendance options. The in-person event was held at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, California, and attendees must have showed proof of vaccination, as with COVID-19 and ordered by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. It was streamed on Social 27 for virtual attendees.

Game Jam

Like every year, the RDC Game Jam is an event in which a team of developers has a limited amount of time (normally a day or less) to create a game to compete against other games that are judged based on specific categories. This year, the theme of the Game Jam was "It's not a bug, it's a feature!".


Category Winner Developers
Best in Show obby_trial.exe polarcub_art, HenryDev, Zomebody, Bloxxer_sama, and Sylently
Excellence in Visual Art I N T E R V A L boatbomber, Homemade_Meal, thisfall, AshCr4ft, and Elttob
Most Creative Gameplay Quirky Temple Brick_Man, theloudscream, ilyannna, Candelzoo, and GhettoMilkMan
Outstanding Use of Tech Voxel Adventure NarcissixtFear, Emkyrie, Scylen, 89five, and Mikkelklok
Best Use of Theme Decompilation Discombobulation Spathi and Noble_Draconian

Avatar shop items

Name Image Objective
RDC 2021 Shirt
RDC 2021 Shirt.png
Attend RDC 2021.
RDC 2021 Lanyard Badge
RDC 2021 Lanyard Badge.png
Attend RDC 2021.
RDC 2021 Cape
RDC 2021 Cape.png
Attend RDC 2021.
RDC 2021 Lapel Pin
RDC 2021 Lapel Pin.png
Attend RDC 2021.
RDC 2021 Most Creative Gameplay
RDC 2021 Most Creative Gameplay.png
Win in the "Most Creative Gameplay" category.
RDC 2021 Outstanding Use Of Roblox Tech
RDC 2021 Outstanding Use Of Roblox Tech.png
Win in the "Outstanding Use of Roblox Tech" category.
RDC 2021 Best In Show
RDC 2021 Best In Show.png
Win in the "Best in Show" category.
RDC 2021 Best Use of Theme
RDC 2021 Best Use of Theme.png
Win in the "Best Use of Theme" category.
RDC 2021 Excellence In Visual Art
RDC 2021 Excellence In Visual Art.png
Win in the "Excellence in Visual Art" category.
RDC 2021 Jammer Cap
RDC 2021 Jammer Cap.png
Participate in the Game Jam.


Staff keynotes


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  • During March 2020, it was announced that RDC 2021 would take place from July 16 - 18, 2021 as a virtual-only event.[1]
  • On June 28, 2021, it was announced that the event would instead take place in October with in-person and virtual attendance options.
  • Goodie Bag/Swag items where given out to developers after the event. These are the following items that where given out:
    • A Holy Stone HS100 GPS Drone for Game Jam Winners.[2]
    • Trophy for Game Jam Winners.[3]
    • RDC 2021 Waterbottle.[4]
    • Pairs of Roblox Themed Socks.[5]
    • RDC 2021 Stickers and Pins, Badges.[6]
    • RDC 2021 Themed Hoodie.[7]