Roblox hq

Roblox HQ was a famous Roblox fansite created by Clockwork. This page will be a local display system, a guy and a table.

End of the Forums

In April 2011, several tragic events took place. An RHQ veteran started having bouts of depression. He nearly resorted to suicide, coining a common term among RHQers for his attention-grabbing bait and switching suicide thoughts. Many people egged him on to perform the action. Despite him not committing suicide, Clockwork shut down RHQ for around 2 weeks and called the police.
However, the forum came back up after a bumpy road. However, it soon would go downhill once again. The forum was very hard to keep online, because of the great number of users that were on the forums. This increased the amount of money that was needed to keep the forum alive. ILiekMudkipz sent a photo of his private area to SirJamster. SirJamster then sent it to all of his friends on Steam. Clockwork was gravely disappointed and gave all of RHQ a little over a week to get people's emails and keep in touch before taking down RHQ forums. Instead of his original plan to keep RHQ up for 2 weeks, he only gave the users the weekend before he shut RHQ down for good on May 1, 2011.

Current Status

Sometime in 2015, the site's ownership expired, therefore, is no longer up. Meaning the domain can be purchased by anybody and the original site is no longer accessible.

The only existing version is on 'Way Back Machine'.

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