For the Roblox Headquarters game made by builderman, see Community:Builderman/Roblox World Headquarters.
Roblox Headquarters, also known as Roblox HQ or simply HQ, is a building located in San Mateo that houses all of the Roblox employees and interns, with the exception of InceptionTime, who works remotely. The exact address of the building is 970 Park Pl, San Mateo, CA 94403. Roblox hosts 60-minute tours of the HQ every couple of months. Signup can be found at

Roblox moved into their current office from an unknown previous office sometime in 2018.[1] A game was created called "ROBLOX HQ (Headquarters)" by Keyrut, which accurately portrayed the old HQ. The place can be found here.

A place by builderman, called "Roblox World Headquarters", was created in 2008. A game called "Roblox HQ 2.0" was also created by builderman around the same time.


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