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This article is about the 2018 event. For similar titled events, see Roblox Heroes.

Roblox Heroes (2018) is an event by Roblox that started on June 5 and ended on June 19. It is sponsored by a Disney film called The Incredibles 2. The event features six prizes, and one grand prize that requires all prizes to obtain. Each game holds two prizes, and the player has to complete tasks to obtain them.


Name Image Creator/Group
Swordburst 2
Swordburst 2.jpeg
Swordburst 2
Superhero Life II
Super Hero Life II.jpg


Name Game Image Objective
Galactic Helm Swordburst 2
Galactic Helm.png
Talk to the white hooded NPC and teleport to the Destroyed Arcadia map, and take the route in the destroyed town to the arena and defeat the Orc Boss.
Incredibles 2 Backpack Swordburst 2
Incredibles 2 Backpack.png
Talk to the injured guy sitting down on the rock ledge and teleport to the Goblin Hideout and go to the Orc Leader in the caves to the arena and defeat the Orc Leader.
Incredibles 2 Badge Superhero Life II
Teleport to the Identity Hunt minigame and if you are the suspect, blend in along with the NPCs and avoid being killed before the time runs out. However, if you are the Vigilante, kill all of the players that are trying to blend in with the NPC's before the time runs out.
Super Pup Superhero Life II
Super Pup.png
Teleport to the Boss Battle and defeat Calamiton by shooting at his weak spots.
Battle Mask of the Hunt Heroes!
Battle Mask of the Hunt.png
Teleport to the Heroes Event Mission 1 gamemode and complete all the trials in all four sections of the dungeon and get the four ancient heroes on your side, then defeat the Ancient Evil and seal it away with the power of the four ancient heroes.
Incredibles 2 Headphones Heroes!
Incredibles 2 Headphones.png
Teleport to the Quick Run or Tailored Run gamemode then obtain all the five keys, after you have the five keys, open your inventory and click on one of them, go into the portal, then defeat the Eye of Fate.

Grand Prize

Name Image Objective
Incredibles 2 Mask
Incredibles 2 Mask.png
Get all event prizes within the event.

Avatar shop items

Name Image Price
Incredibles 2 Cap
Incredibles Cap.png
Incredibles 2 Shirt
Incredibles 2 Shirt.png
Incredibles 2 Sunglasses
Incredibles 2 Sunglasses.png


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  • The Roblox Heroes (2017) event featured the game Super Hero Life, while this event, a year later, uses the more recently-made Super Hero Life II.
  • This is the first time Swordburst 2 was featured in an event. In this game, you will still be rewarded the prize even if you only hit the bosses once.
  • This is the 2nd time Heroes! was featured in an event. The first one being ROBLOX Medieval Battle.
  • All objectives except the Incredibles 2 Badge have a boss battle. Coincidentally, the Incredibles 2 Badge is the only gear in the event. So, every accessory requires a boss battle.


  • Many players have found the objectives in "Heroes!" to be difficult. If a player loses all of their 5 lives in Heroes!, they have to start the event mission all over again. Without a strong ranged weapon and a shield, it is easy to die. Many players also complained that if you lose all 5 lives in Heroes!, a glitch causes players to lose their swords, and if you leave the server and rejoin, you don't get your sword back.
  • On Heroes!, the Quick Run gamemode can glitch out with players standing away from the map on an invisible barrier above. The Eye of Fate may have already been defeated as well, however this bug was fixed on day 2 of the event. Finally, many have criticized the Heroes event for almost entirely employing boss fights.