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Roblox Holiday 2017 was an event on Roblox in December 2017. It was the last Roblox event of 2017.



Mountaineers Trailer - Roblox

The teaser trailer about the new custom game for the event.


This event had 3 games participating, Super Bomb Survival, Icebreaker, and the new custom game called Mountaineers.

At the beginning of the event, one of the games, Mountaineers, received major dislike from the community, mostly for the game being broken and non functional.

Name Image Creator/Group
Super Bomb Survival!!
Super Bomb Survival Winter 2017 Thumbnail.png
Icebreaker Winter 2017 Thumbnail.png
Mountaineers Thumbnail.png


Name Game Image Objective
Gingerbread Man Super Bomb Survival!!
Gingerbread Man 2017 version.png
Collect 10 pieces of candy falling from the sky, then decorate the Christmas tree.
Arctic Fox Icebreaker!
Arctic Fox.png
Collect all 3 parts of the elf suit, then get 10 thaws and 10 freezes on any map.
Ice Crown Mountaineers
Ice Crown.png
Complete the whale rodeo, fishing, ice climbing, mining, and bug catching missions and reach the top of the mountain and defeat Scrooge McBlox inside his mansion.


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  • This is the second time Icebreaker was featured in an event in 2017. The first time was Roblox 2017 Summer Games.
  • During February through June 2018, you could've still been able to get the Ice Crown in Mountaineers since the developers didn't shut down the original existing servers from the event.
    • However, now this glitch has been patched since the developers removed the final badge which would've granted you the prize from the game.
  • Scrooge McBlox, along with the Heroes of Robloxia and Dr. Stein made an appearance in the 2018 Egg Hunt .
  • The descriptions for the Gingerbread Man gear and Arctic Fox hat both reference the ending of The Gingerbread Man, when the fox eats the Gingerbread Man.
  • This is the last Roblox Holiday event.
  • Mountaineers was considered the Worst Event in Roblox History with an LTDR of 21% until The Gucci Garden Event Came With an LTDR of 16% and lowering Each day


  • Mountaineers received some criticism from the community. While many people praise the building of the game, many people however looked down on the scripting and the game mechanics, which were very glitchy. This is likely the reason behind the low like-dislike ratio on the game.
  • The Arctic Fox hat received some criticism from the community, accusing Roblox of appealing to the furry fandom, which was negatively looked down by many.
    • Another reason why this item was criticized by the community is because there was already another Arctic Fox Head hat made by ROBLOX, but the new item is more realistic.