*provolone and TheOrigins are controlled by one person, provolone being his main account and the account he uses with the clan.

The Roblox Night Wing, or RNW for short, was a military-based group that ran from 5/24/11 to 4/15/14. In the last week of its activity, the group was stolen. Upon reclaiming the group, the leaders decided that RNW had run its course and decided to retire it from ROBLOX. On 11/26/16 A group of RNW Veterans came together and brought the group back.


RNW was created in 2011 by Verdade, LordCopper, Destroyer280, dwd1106, and meffrey123. Dwd did not take part in naming the group like the others, but he was the most loyal high rank for a very long time. It was created originally to rebel against a now long-lost group named "Fungus Corp", which the founders were all a part of. RNW has always been generally well liked by superpowers and other large clans, mainly due to the open and friendly nature of the leaders. Still, some clans regard RNW with hostility, which can never be avoided.

Some time in 2011, while exploiting was very prevalent and not much could be done about it, RNW had their base (Fort Fraunaxx) stolen by a small-time semi-famous base stealer by the name of FreeFranneh4U. LordCopper, the charismatic leader at the time, did not overreact when he received the news that Fraunaxx had been stolen. Instead, he sent a message to FreeFranneh4U and asked him to take it off of free models. Mostly due to LC's cool manner, the two conversed for quite a while over PM. FF4U's real account was GeneralN0torious, which he revealed to LC during the messaging. LordCopper invited him to join RNW and gave him the rank of General (now non-existent) which was the third highest rank, succeeded by Advisor and Leader.

RNW played a part in the Axis/Allies war on the Axis side (Sleet Clan, TGI, LSF, etc.) against the Allies. (Cryonix Empire, UCR, RAA, etc.) RNW also became known for fiercely supporting John's Cobras as a part of the United Nations in the UN vs GSC war.


RNW has had many leaders over time, some recurring.




The creator of RNW and leader of the rebellion against Fungus Corp. Verdade owned RNW for around 4-5 months, and under him the clan gained its first 200 or so members.
Era end unknown, speculated late 2010


Official statement from meffrey123:

"I was one of the three founders of the original RNW. When the first RNW fell it had barely 300 members (if I'm remembering correctly). As the history page says, Cheesepuff48(Verdade), Monkeycheese13, and I started the group. Eventually Cheesepuff got upset at the lack of maturity and the fighting amongst HRs and left the group, leaving it in my hands. I had no clue what to do with it and I ended up becoming an abusive leader. I didn't leave the group because I did not want it anymore, I left because I was not wanted anymore. I foolishly left the group in the hands of Uziza, who was not very mature, and the group fell to shambles, ending the original RNW. (Destroyer280 held the clan for I think less than a week, I held it for about 2 months.) I can't recall the time between the end of old RNW and the beginning of the new, but it was quite a while. Many were very excited when Copper decided to revive the group. Cheese and I jumped at the opportunity to restart the group, and our roles are not documented very well on the history page. Cheese, if I'm remembering correctly, left rather quickly, he didn't like the direction Copper was taking RNW. I however fell in love with the new RNW, and with my 2IC rank I was very active in it. I had a custom leader uniform, bases made for me, it was wonderful. But I was not ready for a powerful position and I "left" (I was basically kicked out) RNW because I was not meant to be there." -meffrey123

Era end unknown, speculated late 2010


Meffrey gave the group to uziza, (which he recalls was a poor choice) and the group slowly died. After a long time, LordCopper was made owner.

Era end unknown, speculated late 2010

LordCopper (first term)

Perhaps the most famous of all RNW leaders, LordCopper gained ownership of the group when he asked Uziza for it. Uzi saw nothing wrong in giving the group to a founder of it, and at that time RNW wasn't even all that great, so LC did not have


to do much persuading. When he first got the group, he began to recruit HRs that he knew, and in turn they recruited more members. He also appointed itunes500, his cousin, as Second in Command. LordCopper was best known as a people person, having good relations with many major influences in his time period such as SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX, Pragmatic, brickster1234 (now Castellian), and sasuke987654321555. Using his charm and good grace, the aforementioned and many others helped LC out and started shaping RNW into a real clan. With SONIC's help in recruitment, RNW gained about 3000-4000 members. Sasuke built the foundations of RNW's most famous and liked base, Fort Fraunaxx. Pragmatic and brickster1234 (Castellian) who had influence in many areas of the clan world, repeatedly backed and supported LordCopper, who returned the favor. Times were good until a conflict with Roblox Defense Mechanisms occurred. At the time led by fordo800, RDM was RNW's mortal enemy for the longest time. RDM and RNW constantly attacked and hated each other. Both clans steadily climbed the group page, each always within 300 members of each other. Eventually, at about 6000 members, RDM fell behind, and RNW moved on. LC's earlier choice in making GeneralN0torious a high rank soon showed to be a good one. GeneralN0torious soon became the official builder for RNW, with the most notable project being the revamping of Fort Fraunaxx many times over and introducing RNW to new tech, where they were previously lacking. Over time, GeneralN0torious replaced itunes500 as Second in Command of RNW, and was LC's right-hand man during the last months of his first term leadership. At the time of his departure, RNW had around 9000 members due to many ads that General had run.
Era ended September 16, 2012

GeneralN0torious (first term)

After nearly two years of leading RNW, LordCopper finally decided to retire from the increasingly tedious job of being leader. General, who had become increasingly popular among the members of RNW and slightly known as a C&Ger on the ROBLOX forums, gained support from many of LordCopper's friends and thus was welcomed into leadership by many. He made multiple reforms to RNW


such as two rank reforms, new high ranks, a new training center, and a new fort, Fort Nocte. At the end of LordCopper's ownership, RNW went to war with APN (Alversian Peoples' Navy) for a month. The war carried over into General's term, and he cut it off after a week due to the respect he had for APN. Since the end of the war, RNW has been allies with APN, and they are RNW's oldest ally (removed by accident once, so they do not appear to be the oldest). He also continued to run many ads and got the group past 10,000 members. Although General had a lot of support from everyone around him, ROBLOX soon became boring to him (as many have experienced) and he realized he was becoming inactive. Not wanting RNW to have an inactive leader, he left RNW and ROBLOX on a hiatus, giving ownership of the group to his Second in Command, itunes500. This turned out to be a rather poor decision, however. GeneralN0torious's first term lasted approximately one month.
Era ended October 19, 2012


iTunes originally had good intentions, as he had been in RNW for two and a half years at this point. However, he did not do a very good job at keeping RNW active and mainly focused on his personal career. For two weeks, RNW slowly died away as the high ranks such as provolone and WowMan2 struggled to keep it active. When LordCopper got wind of this, he was none too pleased and demanded RNW back from iTunes. iTunes, being quite indifferent, handed it over. No members gained in this era.

Era ended November 3, 2012

LordCopper (second term)

After LordCopper got RNW back from iTunes, members were quite pleased to see him return. However, LordCopper didn't really have intentions of staying, and so he searched for an appropriate leader for RNW. During his first term, while he and General were patrolling Fraunaxx, they met provolone. Both men quickly took a liking to him, and in no time, (approximately 1 and a half weeks) provolone had become Fourth in Command of RNW. Now, seeing that Pro was still quite loyal to RNW, LC decided to give it to him. During this intermission period, LC owned the group for about 2 weeks.

Term ended approx. early December, 2012 (A more accurate date with proof would be appreciated)

Provolone (first term)

LordCopper's decision to give the group to Provolone did not prove to be a bad


one. Pro is generally unknown as a major leader of RNW, but to those who remember his term, he was regarded as a tactitian and strategist. Possibly the smartest of all RNW leaders still to this day, Pro's biggest action during his leadership was war with TGI. Castellian, seeing neither LordCopper or GeneralN0torious as the leader, and who had no relations with Pro, did not regard RNW as the ally he had before; and then began launching attacks on RNW. This is eventually what led to the war in which both sides fought fiercely. However, at some point, RNW was banned from TGI's fort which brought a stop to the war. Provolone led RNW for about 1 month before he gave it to WowMan2, the oldest veteran at that point. Pro left RNW due to stress, boredom and depression in real life. Few members were gained during this era.
Era ended December 16, 2012

LordCopper (third term)

LC only owned the group for approximately 24 hours, going from around 6pm EST on the 16th to 7pm on the 17th. He posted a new rule guide and hung out with the members for most of the time. Then, he relinquished command to WowMan2.

Term ended December 17, 2012


WowMan2, oldest surviving member of RNW since the very beginning of LordCopper's era, now gained ownership. WM2's era is quite controversial, due to his many good and bad decisions. During the beginning of his reign, GeneralN0torious resurfaced, back from his hiatus. WM2 and General had become good friends during LC's first term, so WM2 readily agreed to make General his Second in Command. As usual, General began running ads again.

The good

WM2 was fiercely loyal to RNW and he spread his loyalty to John's Cobras and the United Nations during the huge conflict, the UN vs GSC war. During this time RNW also allied with Team Domino, a fellow United Nations supporter. WowMan let General take all RNW places onto his profile, since he was the better builder, and he made many updates to their new Fort Corvus, which was a hit among raiders due to it being very fair. RNW was frequently raided by RSF and TGI, along with many small clans, which boosted activity. WowMan2 also proved to be a very compassionate leader, caring what the members felt and making reforms accordingly.

The bad

Unfortunately this compassion was also his downfall, and he soon became a rather weak leader, constantly crumbling to the will of others. In his final months he was described as quite a pushover, and eventually most members began to see GeneralN0torious as the true leader, while WM2's ownership was just a facade. Due to this negative attitude towards him, his behavior became erratic, and he began making decisions that people were not fond of, such as unallying old allies and declaring war on large superclans in the heat of the moment. These actions only brought more positive reception to General, and in June it was all too clear that WM2 had lost nearly 80% of his support.

Finally, in the month of June 2013, General created a rebellion group against WM2's reign. However, it did not last long because WowMan approached General with an offer: His Dominus Vespertilio for RNW. General accepted, handed over the dominus, and he was made leader of RNW once again. At the end of WM2's era, RNW had approximately 13000 members.

His quitting post:

Era ended on June 13, 2013

GeneralN0torious (second term)

GeneralN0torious led RNW again after he got it from WM2, and made many reforms. A "brother clan" alliance was made with Shadow Nation in the early days of ownership, where SN gained their own private rank in RNW, but the brotherhood has since been disbanded. These reforms included a new rank structure, (6 LR, 6 MR, 4 HR, 2 HC, 1 Diplomat) two new forts, (Fort Phantom and Outpost Origins II, now both retired) and the most notable, making RNW a swords-only clan. On August 3, 2013, the former Second in Command, godphantom555, left RNW to pursue his career as a scripter. Provolone replaced him. For the next few months, RNW was at a bit of a grey area, in that nothing major really happened and business continued as usual with trainings, random raids, and defenses. However, a few days after the price floor on clothing, General once again found roblox to be boring and time-consuming, thus relieving command to Provolone and going on another hiatus. At the end of this era, RNW had around 15,000 members.

Era ended on October 1st, 2013

Provolone* (Second Term)

For the first two months of his term Provolone kept Outpost Origins II, but an attempt was being made to bring back Fort Fraunaxx. GeneralN0torious resurfaced again and took on the task of renovating Fraunaxx for another go. Guns were kept at Fraunaxx and brought an end to the swords-only era of RNW - for a short time. Early in this term, Taraska had been at work creating a military installation with the style based on early Assassin's Creed games. Throughout provolone's term, progress was steady. In January, Taraska finished, and it was released to the public as Whitebridge Bay. Though no mention of a swords-only fort was made, the release of this fort indirectly sent RNW back into a swords-only state, since that was the only weapon available at the Bay. It was originally not supposed to replace Fraunaxx as a main base for RNW, but GeneralN0torious decided that Fraunaxx had run its course and removed it. Also notable in this term is the coalition war that lasted January through February. The war consisted of 3 coalitions, originally, in which one dropped out early in the fight and left the two main coalitions (Global Blade Alliance and Swords of Supremacy). Many battles were fought on many fronts, and the war scores of both coalitions exceeded 40. On February 1, Rezdonox disbanded SoS, leaving no clear winner and effectively bringing an end to the coalition war. Throughout all of this, provolone was still fighting many issues IRL, and decided that he did not want anything more to do with RNW. He and GeneralN0torious decided it would be best to give the group to Taraska.

Era ended on February 4th, 2014


Also known as: sandpaper123, AnthropicPrinciple, and Tyler (the latter used by the members). Taraska joined RNW when LordCopper was the leader as sandpaper123. After a year of being in RNW he had worked his way up the ranks to a considerably good mid-rank (ranks have been changed since). In 2012 many scandals popped up involving sandpaper123, which led to him being demoted twice and exiled from the Elite Nine (non-operational). He was not officially made a high rank until mid-2013, when GeneralN0torious promoted him. He drew quite a lot of attention his way (good and bad) due to his practical yet silly behavior (often getting him in trouble). He also became known amongst the clothing world for his interesting designs, mostly making clan uniforms. Taraska brought back Fort Fraunaxx and raised roughly 500,000 tickets for the RNW ad fund during his term. Shortly after, he gave up leading because he was, in his own words, "not interested enough in ROBLOX to lead a bunch of little kids around on it" and had Kashiba321 take the wheel.

Era ended March 15th, 2014


Kashiba321's term was much too short to have made a lasting impact on RNW, but as a veteran of RNW he tried his best to keep the group together.


On 11/26/16 RNW was given a chance to come back. An ex RNW member WVfighter (the_wielder) allowed Sniper to take leadership of the group and bring it back. Sniper was known for being in RNW since 2011 and being one of the most avid supporters of the clan. As time went on activity began to grow and RNW was coming back as an active clan. During his era Sniper focused on recruitment and getting RNW going again so when he retired it would be in good hands. However, this was very difficult for him due to conflicts revolving around his real life situation. Sniper retired in February.

      Era ended February 23rd, 2017


Shortly after snipermasterassassin resigned, Kashiba321 became the new Emperor of RNW. Unfortunately, just a few weeks after Kashiba became Emeperor, real-life conflicts prevented him from being able to remain active in RNW.

Era ended very late February, the specific date is unclear.


Zman250's rule over RNW lasted from late February to the very last day in May. Zman served as Second in Command under Kashiba321 and was essentially the leader for a few days while Kashiba was still uable to come online often. However, upon information of Kashiba being unable to return any time soon came to light, Zman was made the official leader of RNW. Zman led RNW for a total of 100 days and was the first Commander of the clan.

Era ended May 31st, 2017

Billythefail is the current leader of RNW.


Billythefails term in RNW wasn't that long but he did focus on reforming the group as well as preparing the group for Kashibas era. Not only did Billy make RNW active and help keep the activity from Zmans era but also released several docs of reform. Eventually the group was passed to Kashiba321

Kashiba321*** (Third term) 

Kashiba321 took over from Billy and led the clan once again. Under his leadership RNW had some early success but activity in the middle of the term began to drop off. He is the current leader of RNW and is making changes to bring RNW back to its formal glory.

Official Forts

RNW had many different forts during many different time periods. If it was official for more than one week, it is here. Forts are posted in order of creation, not order of use.

RNW Forts
Name Leader(s) under which fort was commissioned
Fort Flare Verdade, meffrey123, LordCopper(1)
Groundbase Gerrett LordCopper(1)
Fort Fraunaxx LordCopper(1), GeneralN0torious(1), Itunes500, Provolone(2), Taraska
Fort Notorious LordCopper(1)
Outpost Origins LordCopper(1)
Fort Nocte LordCopper(1), GeneralN0torious(1)
Fort Corvus LordCopper(2), WowMan2, GeneralN0torious, Provolone(1)
Fort Copper WowMan2, GeneralN0torious(2)
Fort Phantom GeneralN0torious(2)
Outpost Origins II GeneralN0torious(2), Provolone(2)
Fort Notorious II Provolone(2)
Whitebridge Bay Provolone(2), Taraska
Valle de la Trampa Snipermasterassassin, Kashiba321 (2), Zman250
Outpost Aurora Zman250, Billythefail, Kashiba321

Numbers indicate the term in which the fort was commissioned.


The ranks of RNW are currently (in order): Private, Private First Class, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain, Colonel, General, Grand General and Commander.

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