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The Roblox Premium icon.

Roblox Premium is a paid membership that gives users perks and benefits. Upon purchase users get their monthly Robux set on their tier level. new features are added to it over time. It was the successor to Builders Club, Roblox's original membership before Premium. It was primarily a rebranding since most of the benefits were also provided with Builders Club.

In mid-August 2019, Premium was in the process of being rolled out to select administrators and testers, and later specifically prioritizing those with existing BC memberships who live in the United Kingdom and Canada. On September 23, 2019, Premium was officially released, replacing Builders Club for most players and continuing to be rolled out to those who had yet to receive it.[1] All users on Roblox have access to Premium.


Premium was first speculated on June 10, 2019, after "Premium" was added to the MembershipType enum.[2] Its existence was soon further speculated when an icon called "icon_premium-16.png" was added to the Roblox files. Later, changes to CoreScripts further increased the idea that a new membership was being added. This can also be confirmed through the content within the URL of the upgrade page[3] as it contains "premium" in it. Web APIs have also been updated to give the idea a new membership is being added; for example, has "IsPremium" at the end.

It was confirmed that Premium would replace Builders Club, when the BC overlay endpoint was modified on August 10, 2019, to always return "empty.png".


The current design of the Premium page.

Membership plans for Roblox Premium are categorized by how much monthly Robux they provide. Compared to Builders Club, all memberships share the same name and icons rather than having distinct ones, and Robux is provided once per month after each renewal date instead of gradually each day. Every spot on the Roblox website with the icon and in-game, has the colors black and grey.

Current Monthly Premium Plans


Price (GBP) Price (USD) Price (EUR) Price (CAD) Price (AUD) Price (IDR) Price (VND) Price (PHP) Equivalence
Roblox Premium 450 £4.59 $4.99 €4.99 $6.49 $6.99 Rp 79,715 115,109₫ ₱230 BC
Roblox Premium 1000 £8.99 $9.99 €9.99 $12.99 $13.99 Rp 159,590 230,449₫ ₱460 TBC
Roblox Premium 2200 £18.49 $19.99 €20.99 $25.99 $28.99 Rp 335,317 461,129₫ ₱925 OBC

Purchase Screen

The purchase screen displays a MeepCity banner with a picture of an avatar wearing the Golden Suit of Bling Squared and the Golden Top Hat of Bling Bling. This avatar is known as Mr. Bling Bling, and he used to appear on the old Robux purchase page. Unlike the former Builders Club purchase screen, it is missing Gamecard information, Roblox Credit information and billing information.

Roblox Premium Benefits

Benefits Normal User Premium User BC Comparisons
Robux allowance Cross2.0.png

Tier 1: 450/mo
Tier 2: 1000/mo
Tier 3: 2200/mo

BC: 15/day
TBC: 35/day
OBC: 60/day
10% Robux Purchase Bonus Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Trading Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Selling classic shirts, classic pants, limiteds and plugins Previously, non-premium players had to buy premium to sell shirts, pants, limited and plugins. There is now a 10 robux fee for all users to upload. Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Developer Exchange (DevEx) Prior to late January 2022 only Roblox Premium users could use Developer Exchange. Tick2.0.png BC: Cross2.0.png
TBC: Cross2.0.png
OBC: Tick2.0.png
Group Limit Prior toDecember 2019 only Premium users could join up to 100 groups and Non-Premium users could only join 5. 100 Formerly 5 100 BC: 15
TBC: 35
OBC: 100
Profile Icon Builders Club profile icon depended on tier. Cross2.0.png

Light mode

Dark mode

Player list Icon Builders Club player list icon depended on tier. Cross2.0.png
Roblox Premium White.svg
Icon BC-16.png
Icon TBC-16.png
Icon OBC-16.png
Membership Gear Cross2.0.png Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Bonus Accessories Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png BC: Cross2.0.png
TBC: Cross2.0.png
OBC: Tick2.0.png
Google Ad-free Google ads were discontinued in mid-2019.

When Builders Club existed there were Google ads.


Builders Club has always been ad-free.

Other benefits

  • Certain games may provide benefits to Premium players such as exclusive items or access to exclusive locations.
  • UGC item creators may offer discounts on their items to Premium users. This feature began testing on April 28, 2020, and is currently being rolled out via an A/B approach.

Robux stipend comparison between Premium and BC

Tier Premium

(for 12 months)

Builders Club

(for 12 months)

1 5,400 5,475 -75
2 12,000 12,775 -775
3 26,400 21,900 +4,500


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  • The implementation of this membership resulted in Builders Club bonus items such as the Builders Club Hard Hat becoming unobtainable.
  • The API endpoint can be used to see whether a user has a Lifetime subscription as well as when their expiration and renewal dates are.
    • Replace the '1' with the ID of the user whose membership is desired to be checked.
  • Users who had the prototype version of this exclusive membership do not own a corresponding Roblox badge showcasing the ownership of Premium. They instead have the Outrageous Builders Club badge on their profile.
    • This could be caused by the highest level of Builders Club (OBC) being directly replaced by Premium given to these users. A badge of the membership is yet to be implemented.
  • It is speculated that the original plans for membership transfer were to cancel the user's Builders Club subscription and refund them the amount of Robux they would have if they continued with Builders Club.
    • The endpoint for this, /v1/users/buildersclubcancellation, was deleted sometime before RDC 2019 started.
      • Sending a GET request would result in the amount of Robux the user would receive while sending a POST request that would go through with the process.
  • Unlike any other previous premium membership plan, Roblox Premium was the first membership program to have the ability to lengthen your group count from 5 to 100, no matter what tier you choose. This was positively commented on as many people believe it's a way for Roblox to better grant their users freedom on the platform.
    • As of a later update, however, both Premium and non-Premium members can join up to 100 groups.
  • On April 2, 2020, Roblox removed the difference in the Marketplace fee for members without Roblox Premium. All users now receive 70% of the revenue they earn.[4]
  • After cancelling, a 3-day grace period for Premium membership will be given past the original renewal date.
  • Roblox Developers can prompt Premium purchases in-game for rewards, leading to Premium Payouts .