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These are words used in the ROBLOX community, including slang.

Words and Meanings

  • Admin; A staff member of ROBLOX. They are usually, but not always, on the development team. They have special privileges, one of which includes giving bans.
  • Brick; Stereotypically defining a 2x4 piece of plastic, that can be dislodged from other bricks with a forceful explosion.
  • BrickBattle; A fight using ROBLOX's classic weapon tools.
  • Builders Club; An upgrade in ROBLOX that gives more benefits; membership.
  • Catalog; The area of the website users will navigate to in which items for places and avatars can be purchased.
  • Lag; Commonly used to describe slowness in games in modern times.
  • Lua; The scripting language used within ROBLOX, to create dynamic environments and add to the gameplay. It is NOT an acronym.
  • Moderator; A user who moderates ROBLOX and does actions such as Content Deleting, Banning, etc.
  • Noob/Newb; 1. Someone who has at least some experience with the game, but acts/is as smart as a Newb (See 2nd definition.) 2. A person who is new. Short for newbie.
  • Place; A game on ROBLOX, or an player's creation that the player himself can play.
  • Pwn/Pwned; The act of dominating another player, usually a word used when one is feeling like nothing can touch them. This will usually lead to the other player calling them a "noob".
  • Robloxian; A player's character in ROBLOX.


ROBLOX uses a lot of slang phrases; these phrases are not only restricted to ROBLOX, but most is also commonly used in other online multiplayer games (MMOs).

  • Afk: Away from keyboard, same as "brb". Can be used to show the player being away from the keyboard to do other short real-life actions, i.e. bathroom break or getting food.
  • Blox: To kill a player in a ROBLOX game.
  • Bloxxed: When a player's health reaches zero, and the player's ROBLOXian falls apart. This phrase is unique to ROBLOX and shouldn't be used in other games in order to prevent any confusion.
  • Brb: (I'll) Be right back, see AFK.
  • Gtg: Got to go; can also be used as "g2g". Used if the player would want to leave a game for any kind of reason, i.e. leaving to go to a mall or to return to work on homework(if available).
  • Lol: Laugh out loud. Used to indicate laughter.
  • Newb: A new player who acts the part; a new player that may have little understandings about the game.
  • Noob: Derived from "newb", this word refers to new players. Players may incorrectly use this word for people who are annoying. Common alterations are "n00b" & "nub".
  • OMG: Oh my god; alternative is "ZOMG". Used to show surprise.
  • Owned: Means that a player has been defeated, often hilariously
  • Plox: Please
  • Plz: See Plox
  • Pwned: Similar to owned, but for situations where stronger force was used to achieve.
  • Rofl: Rolling on floor laughing- used for situations where "lol" is simply not enough.
  • TL;DR: Too long, didn't read. Used mostly in the ROBLOX Forums if a post is considered too long to read.
  • TS;DR: Too short, didn't read. Typically used by Forum "Trolls"; can be used if a post has not enough words.
  • BA: Bad Alien. Since a ROBLOX employee accidentally called Alan "Alien", this abbreviation has gone viral.

Leet Speak

Leetspeak is a way of speaking which was first used by hackers, but now used by trolls in the forums. It contains the speaker making random letters capital, spelling things wrong and replacing letters with random characters such as ! @ # $. This way of speaking is often used for "Noobs" however real noobs don't talk like this. Here are some popular leetspeak words that can be translated.

  • N00b (Newb or Noob) - This is usually used as an insult.
  • 1337 (Eleet) - The real meaning is unknown.
  • L0l (LOL; Laugh Out Loud) - It refers to the player(s) laughing.
  • Pl0x (Please) - Usually used in the phrase "don8 pl0x."
  • 1 (!) - Leetspeakes usually replace ! with 1.
  • Don8 (Donate) - Donate means to give someone something, usually money, or in this case, Robux.
  • M8 (Mate) - Usually something leetspeakers call some people. Used also by non-leetspeakers as well.