For a list of terms created or used by Roblox staff, see List of common terms on Roblox. For a list of LMaD terms, see Let's Make a Deal.

Like other online communities, Roblox uses common internet slang and slang exclusive to the community. These are words used in the Roblox community, including slang.

General Slang Terms

Common Internet Slang

  • AA - Admin abuse. Used when someone is abusing power to cause harm to other players or the game. Typically only used in games that utilize command scripts, but can also be used in games that give users any sort of power over others.
  • AFK - Away from keyboard, similar to BRB. Used to show the player being away from the keyboard to do other short real-life actions.
  • Beaned - Banned.
  • BRB - Be right back. Similar to AFK.
  • Bruh - Internet meme and informal alternate word for "bro", commonly used as a generic response to something meriting a reaction to something odd or stupid, which is commonly referred to as a "bruh moment".
  • DD - Dishonorably discharged. Mainly used in military roleplay games, it means that a player has been demoted or told to leave.
  • DM - Direct message.
  • Filterpass - Bypassing the chat filter to say an expletive on the site or in-game.
  • IRL - In real life.
  • IC- In character. Usually used in roleplaying games. Variations include IxC and IsC.
  • FRP - Fail roleplay. Used in roleplaying games to describe players poorly roleplaying.
  • GG - Good game; common internet etiquette after the end of a round in round-based games.
  • Git Gud - Slang variation of "get good", often telling other players to get better at the game.
  • GTG or G2G - Got to go. Used if the player has to leave a game for any kind of reason.
  • IDC - I don't care.
  • IDK - I don't know.
  • IIRC - If I recall/remember correctly.
  • IKR - I know, right?
  • ISTG - I swear to God. Used for frustration or annoyance.
  • LOL - Laugh(ing) out loud. Used to indicate laughter. Multiple O's indicate a funnier reaction. However, "Lol" or "lol" may imply the opposite reaction.
  • Newb or Newbie - A new player to a game that may have little understanding of how to play the game.
    • Noob - Derived from "newb", this word refers to new players. Players may incorrectly use this word for people who are annoying. Common variations include "n00b" & "nub".
  • No u - Shortened version of "no you", a generic and intentionally childish retort by people who are insulted by another person, which seemingly reflects back said insult.
  • OMG - Oh my God/goodness/gosh; variations include "ZOMG". Used to show surprise.
  • OML - Oh my lord/life.
  • OoC - Out of character. Used in roleplaying games to describe messages out of the roleplay narrative.
  • OOMF - One of my friends.
  • Owned - Means that a player has been defeated, often hilariously or embarrassingly. Variations include Pwned.
  • ODer - One who takes part in online dating; online dater.
  • Plox - Please.
  • Pls/Plz - Shortened version of please.
  • PM - Private message.
  • Pwned - Similar to owned, but for situations where stronger force was used to achieve victory. The term has fallen out of favor since the mid-2010s.
  • ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing. Used for situations that are very funny.
  • RDM or RDMing - Random death-match. Used primarily in roleplay scenarios involving a player-vs-player mechanic in which a player attacks others for no reason.
  • RK or RKing - Randomly killing, random killing, or random kills, depending on context. Often synonymous with RDM.
  • Skid - Short for script kiddie, a derogatory insult commonly used against exploiters, especially those using publicly distributed exploits.
  • SMH - Shaking my head. Primarily used to indicate disapproval.
  • Spam - The act of repetition. It can refer to many things such as chat spam, in which a player chats indiscriminately and repeatedly at the annoyance of other players.
  • STG - Swear to god. Used for frustration or annoyance.
  • TH - Short for the heck/hell. Mostly used when something crazy happens.
  • Troll  - A user who intentionally tries to garner reactions out of other users, especially in order to incite anger.
  • Voided - Ignoring another person in a roleplay, often due to a failed roleplay, being annoying, or trolling.
  • WTH - Short for what the heck/hell. Mostly used when something crazy happens.

Slang Exclusive to Roblox

  • A/D - Accept/decline, trading term commonly used by one asking others if they should accept or decline a trade.
  • BA - Bad Alien. Since a Roblox administrator accidentally called Alan (JacksSmirkingRevenge) "Alien", this abbreviation was in popular use during TNL Twitch live streams.
  • Banned forever - Termination of a Roblox account, phrase popularized by Faave.
  • BB - Brick battle
  • Bypass - Describes any asset (clothing, audio, decals etc.) or chat message that violates the Community Rules but otherwise manages to get past initial moderation screening or chat filters.
  • Bloxxed - In the old days of Roblox when characters are still using the R6 or 1.0 version of avatar. Players (usually in PvP matches) that has killed or defeated another player says this slang, over the reason of avatars usually dismembered upon death, hence the slang "bloxxed".
  • Car[number], dec[number], month[number], grade[number],[number]inch, [number]cm, music[number], and ss[number] - Filter bypasses primarily used by players with under 13 accounts to chat numbers. Also commonly used for sharing audio/decal IDs.
  • Comped - Short for compromised, used to describe hacked Roblox accounts. Similar to PGed.
  • Cop or drop - Whether to purchase an item or not. Used by people looking to purchase certain limited items.
  • Dizzy, Disco cord, Discourd, Dis, Disco, DC, and Communications Server - Filter bypasses for the instant messaging service Discord.
  • Dev Hunt - Used for Egg Hunts that take place in multiple places; this is done to maximize the number of developers that profit from the event.
  • Get noob - Meme phrase coined by YouTuber Flamingo, often said by players when they win a game.
  • Go commit [action] - A Roblox meme originating from the go commit die image. Usually intended as a way to tell users to seriously harm themselves, or to experience other actions with negative connotations without getting their message censored by the chat filters. The full phrase has since been censored as of mid-2019, but many players simply say "commit [action]" instead.
  • KS - Filter bypass for "kiss". Also used to refer to kill stealers in player-vs-player games.
  • LV - Filter bypass for "love". Also short for "level" in games with a level system.
  • Obby- Short for obstacle course.
  • ODer - Short for online dater, often used for anyone who simply looks like a stereotypical online dater without actually partaking in the act. (now censored due to the filter)
  • Oof - The Roblox death sound. Usually used when something negative has happened, sometimes ironically.
  • OP - Shortened form of 'overpay', a slang commonly used in trading when making a trade giving multiple items for one item usually worth almost all of the combined items, hence overpaying. Can also mean 'overpowered'.
  • PGed - Password guessed, often used as an assumption towards accounts typically from 2011 or earlier, especially if they do not have the Verified Sign or have a low concentration of badges or hats across different periods of time, commonly referred to as a "hat gap".
  • RAP - An individual limited item's Recent Average Price, or a user's value of all of their combined limited items in Recent Average Price.
  • Tags or Tagging - Short for hashtag/hashtagging. Used for when a player's words are censored and replaced with the tag (#) symbol by Roblox's chat filter.
  • Termed - Short form of a user who is terminated.
  • TF - Filter bypass for "wtf".
  • TT - Filter bypass for the app "TikTok".
  • USD-bought - A term referred to Robux or limiteds that have been purchased off-site for real money, which is a violation of the Terms of Service and can result in account deletion. People who purchase or sell limiteds or Robux for real money offsite are referred to as USDers or variations thereof.
  • Uuhhh- Alternative word for "oof", refers to the Roblox death sound by its official file name (uuhhh.wav).

Forum Slang

The Forums are no longer in use on Roblox, so these terms are obsolete.

Forum and imageboard terms were used exclusively in forums.

Common Forum Slang

  • Post - a user-submitted message enclosed into a block containing the user's details and the date and time it was submitted.
  • Thread - a topic and the posts that were submitted to that topic.
  • Bump - when a user makes a post on a thread to make it appear on the front page.
  • Pinned - when a thread is pinned at stays at the top of the front page; usually done by administrators or moderators.
  • TL;DR - Too long, didn't read.
  • Crappost - a low effort post.
  • Siggy - a signature, which was a phrase that would appear at the end of every post that the user could change.
  • Cold Mold on a Slate Plate - Old and very late, often used on threads about news that was already known for a long time and even referenced in the Forum Troll hair.
  • (adjective)bag - Was used as an insult in various ways, such as 'newbag' towards new players or forum posters and 'poorbag' towards players who did not have a lot of Robux or limited items (more prevalent on Let's Make a Deal).
  • OP - Original Poster or overpowered

Forum Slang Exclusive to Roblox

  • ATR - All Things Roblox
  • RT - Roblox Talk
  • RN&D - Roblox News and Discussion
  • OT - Off Topic
  • C&G - Clans and Guilds
  • LMaD - Let's Make a Deal


Leetspeak is a way of speaking which was first used by hackers to prevent their websites from being searched by simple keyword searches but is now mostly used ironically. It can involve users capitalizing random letters, intentional misspellings or replacing letters with special characters, such as !, @, #, and $.

  • N00b (Newb or Noob) - This is usually used as an insult for a new player.
  • 1337 (Eleet) - Leet. (Also called elite)
  • L0l (LOL; Laugh Out Loud) - It refers to the player(s) laughing.
  • Pl0x (Please) - Usually used in the phrase "don8 pl0x."
  • 1 (!) - Leetspeakers usually replace ! with 1.
  • Don8 (Donate) - Donate means to give someone something, usually money, or in this case, Robux.
  • M8 (Mate) - Usually something leetspeakers call some people. Used also by non-leetspeakers as well.
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