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For similar titled events, see Roblox Summer Games.

Roblox Summer Games 2016 was a Roblox event which sponsored Pete's Dragon, a remake of the original 1977 film of the same name. It is the successor to the ROBLOX Summer Games 2015 event.


Name Image Creator/Group
DODGEBALL! Rblx db.png alexnewtron
Kick Off Kick Off Thumbnail.png CM Games
Tiny Town Tiny Town.jpg Team Twisted

Prize items

Name Image Game Objective
Summer Games - Carnival Headdress Summer Games - Carnival Headdress.png DODGEBALL! Hit five players in one round.
Pete's Dragon Trophy Pete’s Dragon Trophy.png DODGEBALL! Win five rounds.
Summer Games - Soccer Ball Summer Games - Soccer Ball.png Kick Off Score a goal during a match.
Pete's Dragon Jersey Pete's Dragon Jersey.png Kick Off Win three matches on the event-themed map.
Summer Games Torch Summer Games Torch.png Tiny Town Find a way to light the torch.
Pete's Dragon Gold Medal Pete’s Dragon Gold Medal.png Tiny Town Find all of the hidden clues in the Olympics Village.

Avatar Shop items

Name Image Price
Pete's Dragon Forest Ranger's Hat Pete’s Dragon Forest Ranger’s Hat.png Free
Pete's Dragon Tail Pete's Dragon Tail.png Free
Dragon Tooth Power Up Dragon Tooth Power Up.png Free