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For similar titled events, see McDonald’s.
For similar titled events, see Roblox Summer Games.

Roblox Summer Games 2017 was a Roblox event that began on June 27, 2017, and ended on July 10, 2017. During the event, there were featured 3 participating games, with a total of 6 prizes for users to earn, with 2 prizes available in each game. The event was sponsored by McDonald's.


Name Image Creator/Group
Icebreaker! Icebreaker Thumbnail 2.23.17.png Cracky4
DODGEBALL! Rblx db.png alexnewtron
Theme Park Tycoon 2 Theme Park Tycoon 2.png Den_S

Prize items

Name Image Game Objective
Ducky Beanie Ducky.png Icebreaker! Collect 4 watermelons on any map, except boss-mode, during the game.
Starfish Sunglasses Starfish Sunglasses.png Icebreaker! Thaw 5 people during the special event round.
Kitty-Cat Straw Hat Kitty-Cat Straw Hat acc.png DODGEBALL! Win 3 rounds.
Summertime Water Balloon Blue water balloon.png DODGEBALL! Knockout 2 people in a single round.
Sunphones Sunphones.png Theme Park Tycoon 2 Serve 25 NPCs using the fruit stand.
Roblox Surfboard Surf.png Theme Park Tycoon 2 Build a water ride and have 30 NPCs ride on it.