ROBLOX Talk (abbreviated RT) was a sub-forum originally dedicated to topics regarding ROBLOX; it was considered a forum where off topic posts could be created.

Before it's merger, ROBLOX Talk had the most posts out of any sub-forum on the forums, amounting to over 30 million posts. ROBLOX Talk also had over four million threads. It was under the "Club Houses" category.


ROBLOX Talk was originally named General Discussion. Because of the forum's popularity, admins regularly use ROBLOX Talk as a medium to communicate with players, such as for feedback on new features or assets and warn users about potential security risks like phishing.

When the All Things ROBLOX sub-forum was created as part of a major forum revamp in 2013, the administrators planned on deleting ROBLOX Talk and promoted users to participate in forums like Off Topic. This spawned outrage within the forum's community, and ROBLOX Talk was soon redirected to the Club Houses section of the forums. This is why ROBLOX Talk is considered a less active, more nicer Off Topic.

On July 2, 2014, pictures of a female reproductive organ were leaked by a user from the Clans & Guilds sub-forum. These photos affected many different sub-forums, including RT. Many users who participated in the discussions regarding the images received major infractions.

As of July 27, 2017, Roblox Talk is defunct. If you have a copy of a thread from the sub-forum, you won't be able to post anything on it.

Although there is a rumor that Roblox Talk is still active, but only roblox employees can see or view it.


Members of various sub-forums "troll" and harass users of ROBLOX Talk by flaming. This often results in moderators locking threads and banning accounts. When flame wars do occur on RT, they usually regard religion and gay marriage.


ROBLOX Talk has its fair share of "forum trolls", who would annoy and/or enrage other people for various reasons. VVO at one point banned many users after using it for revenge but then getting banned himself.


On July 27, 2017, ROBLOX Talk has merged with four other sub-forums (ATR, S&I, etc...) to create "ROBLOX News & Discussion" (RN&D).

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