Celebrity Collection Series 1

The first celebrity collection was announced on the Roblox Blog on November 28, 2017.[1]

Name Image Description Virtual Code Item Comes From
zKevin ZKevin-removebg-preview (1) Step into the world of zKevin's wild imagination and you'll be in for the ride of your life. As the Roblox developer behind the zany adventures seen in games like Purple Skittles, Cube Cavern, and Blamo, zKevin is known far and wide in the Roblox community for his quirky, yet super fun creations. Puka Shell Necklace Mystery Boxes
Business Cat BusinessCat He's not kitten around when he says that those TPS reports are urgent. He needs them right meow! They better be purrfect too, or else you'll need to come into the office on Caturday. And don't forget to schedule that catnap on his calendar, or else you'll be furry sorry.  Business Cat's Business Briefcase Mystery Boxes
Superhero Life: Starlass Starlass-removebg-preview After coming into contact with radioactive materials emanating from a mysterious comet, Starlass gained incredible super powers that gave her enhanced strength, healing, and the ability to fly at light-speed. Together with her adorably feisty feline sidekick, she uses her exceptional fighting skills to bring justice to the world of Super Hero Life, created by Roblox developer CJ_Oyer! Starlass Superhero Cape Mystery Boxes
Roblox University Professor RobloxUniversityProfessor Her classes at Roblox University are a sight to see, at least when she's not lighting her own hair on fire or making some crazy concoction. “Blow up all the things!” is her number one catchphrase. Super Speedy Pink Potion Mystery Boxes
Vorlias Vorlias A legendary hero from New Sealaan, his almighty power has led to the creation of an entire world known as Zenerith. As the lead developer on Heroes’ Legacy, Vorlias and his team at Aurora Australis are building a sprawling role-playing game filled with epic battles and perilous quests. Signed, Sealed, Delivered Vorlias Core Figure Pack
Tee Vees Pizza Lover Tee Vees Pizza Lover If she were stranded on a deserted island, the top three things she'd bring with her are pizza, more pizza, and her little tiger friend...who also enjoys pizza. But that would never happen, because her home away from home is KxraDraws' Tee & Vee's Pizza and Arcade, established in 2008 on Roblox! Pizza Infinity Scarf Mystery Boxes
Rockstar Rockstar Just a city boy, raised to rock and roll. A shredder of the nth degree, he was born with a guitar in his hand and an amp in the other. His axe has slain even the mightiest rock gods. No one can resist a good jam session with this powerhouse headbanger. Classic Rockstar Look Mystery Boxes
Nexx Nexx A steampunk warrior who thrives on the coding battlefield. Nexx is a kind and helpful Robloxian who's worked on websites and games galore, including the RDC 2016 Game Jam winner, Flashback! He's currently working on a follow-up to Roblox Reviews, a popular website in 2013 which aggregated reviews from community members and critics alike. Nexx Level Guitar Mystery Boxes
Pixel Artist PixelArtist An art prodigy whose intense desire to draw in TaxRevenue and Visleaf's Pixel Art Creator has led to some of the most beautiful portraits in all of Robloxia. You know you're a serious artist when paint splotches on your clothes are a fashion statement. Aloof Artist Beret Pixel Artist Core Figure Pack
Playrobot Playrobot1 Fun fact: Lakeside, the first game created in 2012 to reach one million visits, was made by none other than Playrobot herself. It was the long-awaited follow-up to her popular role-playing game, Robloxaville, which was created back in 2008! Both were incredible hits, racking up more than 10 million visits combined today. Jade Robot Charm Necklace Mystery Boxes
EvilArtist SBSShopgirl-removebg-preview EvilArtist is her name, drawing is her game! Since joining the Roblox community, she's been honing her creative talents by creating sketches of other players’ avatars and illustrating all kinds of beautiful works of art for her friends. As a 2016 Bloxy Award nominee, her positivity and boundless imagination are an inspiration to many Roblox artists all over the world. Interstellar Rabbit Ears Mystery Boxes
Myzta Myzta A kindhearted developer whose love for designing imaginative pieces of 3D art is readily apparent in all her Roblox creations. She's best known for her work on Bittersweet, a multiplayer online battle arena game where players can choose to invade candy land as part of an evil robot alien squadron or defend it. Blazing Midnight Shades Mystery Boxes
FuzzyWooo FuzzyWooo A jack-of-all-trades creator on Roblox, FuzzyWooo has delved into building games, scripting, and making clothes as well. Most people know her as the creator of Shark Attack!, but more recently, she started building an entirely new role-playing experience on Roblox. Noob Attack: Shark Situation Mystery Boxes
Initiate of Glorious Flight InitiateofGloriousFlight These young mages devote themselves to a life of endless training in order to perfect their craft. Their affluent robes may give them an air of superiority over others (and rightfully so, given their dominion over air and space), but they use their magical powers to protect all of bloxkind.  Shoulder Owl Mystery Boxes
Bloggin All Cats BlogginAllCats She's smitten with just about any kitten that shows up on her doorstep. One of her main hobbies—aside from taking hundreds of pictures of cats for her blog, of course—is to knit cute little sweaters for them. She didn't choose the cat life, the cat life chose her. Stitchfriends: Cute Cat Mystery Boxes
Geegee92 Geegee92 Geegee92 (a.k.a. SallyGreenGamer on YouTube) is a well-known family-friendly gamer who enjoys playing Roblox with her daughters. She loves the variety of games on Roblox and the imagination that goes into making them! Her favorite games include MeepCity and Roblox Deathrun.  Emerald Animazing Hair Mystery Boxes
Shellc Shellc Rollernauts is an experience unlike anything you've ever seen or played before on Roblox, thanks in part to Shellc's clever approach to game design and Numoji's colorful art style. In fact, it even won a Bloxy Award in 2016 for Best Mobile Design! Black Hair with Teal Bows Mystery Boxes
Club Nyonic: Singer ClubNyonicSinger Club Nyonic, created by Nyonic, is home to many interesting Robloxians, but none quite as glamorous as this famous singer. Her songs are #fire, and she loves belting out her favorite hits to sold-out crowds. Gold Microphone Mystery Boxes
Super Bomb Survival Shopgirl SBSShopgirl If you ever find yourself under a barrage of bombs raining from the sky, don't panic! She's got just the thing to make your life a megaton long as you have the credits or gems. She's quite the dynamo; she's already served well over 28 million customers and counting in Polyhex's popular Roblox game, Super Bomb Survival.  Just a Bomb Girl Mystery Boxes
V_yriss Vyriss A natural born artist, V_yriss made her claim to fame on Roblox by creating the mega-popular Survive the Disasters series! Although she might be the queen of all disasters on Roblox, she's really a big fan of all things cute and cuddly. Since joining Roblox in 2009, her creations have been visited more than 144 million times combined! Disaster Survivl Helmet Mystery Boxes
Roblox University student RobloxUniverstyStudent It's only her first week at Roblox University, but she's already proving to be a model student! Whenever she's not learning about creating all sorts of cool Roblox games and experiences with her friends, she's happily cheering on other young builders and developers to pursue their creative dreams. RU Course Catalog Mystery Boxes
Framed: Spy FramedSpy From Roblox developer Pa00's hit first-person shooter game, Framed!, comes the ultimate master of deception. Don't be fooled by her aloof nature. She might brazenly declare her affiliation as a spy on her hat, but that doesn't matter. You won't see her coming.  Totally Not a Spy Mystery Boxes
Diggin All Dogs DigginAllDogs Is it the treats she always carries around? Or is it her uncanny ability to whistle at just the right frequency to call all the dogs within her vicinity? Whatever it is, she sure is popular with these furry companions. Wow. Much bark. Such ruff. So doge. Wow. Stitchfriends: Dignified Dog Mystery Boxes
PixelatedCandy PixelatedCandy-removebg-preview Who's got the best eye for fashion in all of Roblox? It's none other than PixelatedCandy. She created Fashion Frenzy! With more than 30 million visits, it's become one of the most popular fashion games on Roblox in 2017. If you need tips on how to win the judges’ hearts, she's your gal. Hot Pink 8bit Headphones Mystery Boxes
Dorm Life: Peer Counselor DormLifePeerCousselor It's always a lazy Sunday for this peer counselor. Still, she and her friendly pup are always around to lend an ear to anyone who knocks on her door. Her long-winded lectures may be exhausting at times, but she always imparts an important lesson. ROBLOX U Baseball Cap Mystery Boxes
DollasticDreams DollasticDreams "DollasticDreams is a Roblox superfan, a family-friendly gamer, a YouTube creator, and a diehard collector. If there ever existed a gigantic pool filled with the world’s fluffiest stuffed animals and toys, she’d be the first to dive in. Be sure to say hello if you see her playing MeepCity or Roblox High School!" The Right to Remain Fabulous Mystery Boxes
Bride Bride Adorned with an opulent crown and a beautiful dress made with the finest Robloxian materials, her angelic grace is truly a sight to behold. Blue Diamond Tiara Bridge Core Figure Pack
Roblox Skating Rink RobloxSkatingRink From Johnnygadget's popular hangout spot, Roblox Skating Rink, comes the queen of the rollerblading scene. When asked about her neon spandex and punk rock hair, she explained that it makes it look like she's trailing rainbows in her selfies on social media. Aluminium Selfie Stick Roblox Skating Rink Core Figure Pack
Hang Glider HangGlider Born and raised on the bloxy valleys of Chaos Canyon, she now pursues a bold lifestyle sailing among the clouds of Robloxia. She's always seeking the next big adventure as she glides through the skies. Bubblegum Bomber Hang Glider Core Figure Pack
ShadeOfBlue ShadeOfBlue From the cute and charming to the frilly and fabulous, DizzyPurple's hit game Top Roblox Runway Model has inspired millions of ambitious fashion designers to show off their creativity. Now you can build the ultimate style competition in the palm of your hand with dozens of combinations of spectacular accessories and hairstyles straight from the Roblox Catalog! Diamond Glitz Hair Roblox Model Game Pack
Roblox Model RobloxModel From the cute and charming to the frilly and fabulous, DizzyPurple's hit game Top Roblox Runway Model has inspired millions of ambitious fashion designers to show off their creativity. Now you can build the ultimate style competition in the palm of your hand with dozens of combinations of spectacular accessories and hairstyles straight from the Roblox Catalog! Diamond Glitz Hair Roblox Model Game Pack
Design it: Dreams DesignItDreams She may look cute, but she's no pushover when it comes to winning competitions and impressing fans in teamkilled's hit dress up game, Design It! This goddess of fashion easily captures the attention of everyone in the room with her lavish style and extravagant wings. Dreamer Cap Design it: Dreams Core Figure Pack
Buck-Eye the Pirate BuckEye Roblox developers SelDraken and Teiyia are on a secret mission to reclaim the mermaids’ lost treasure from the dastardly Buck-Eye the Pirate! Explore the mysterious depths of Neverland Lagoon, partner with new allies, and recreate the magical adventures found in this popular role-playing game on Roblox! Alivia, All Daring Neverland Lagoon Game Pack
Royal Attendant RoyalAttendant
SelDraken SelDraken
Teiyia Teiyia
Mix & Match MixandMatch Ever dream of starring in your own fashion show? Create your own stylish Robloxians in the palm of your hand with this fabulous collection of parts and accessories! Mix-and-match gorgeous hairstyles and colorful wings to build a unique character. Then, add other chic accessories from your entire Roblox collection to design even more fun characters. Become the ultimate Roblox fashionista! Queen Mab of the Fae Fashion Icons Four Figure Pack
Mix & Match MixandMatch2
Mix & Match MixandMatch3
Mix & Match MixandMatch4
Lifeguard Life Gaurd Vroom, vroom! Head to the beach, catch a few waves on Alavia's watercraft, and see why millions of Robloxians call Widegon's popular Roblox game, The Plaza, their home away form home. Plucky Ducky The Plaza: Jet Skiers Game Pack
Alivia Aliveia
Fallen Artemis
A celestial huntress who was banished from heaven. She uses her bow to blot the light and bring doom upon the Robloxian plane. Artemis Saga Braid Fallen Artemis Core Figure Pack
Frost Empress
Only a heart as pure as her can unlock the true power of the enchanted ice crystal embedded within her staff Frost Empress Everyday Horns Frost Empress Core Figure Pack
Ghost Force: Phantom Phantom Force Take Command of his warrior fox and his phantasmal pooch to defeat their archenemeses rabits and squirrels, once and for all! Pale Retriever Ghost Force: Phantom Core Figure Pack
LA Hoverboarder
Armed with an energy sword, her only option on these congested neon-colored streets is to find a way through...or make one. Green Hyperlaser Gun LA Hoverboarder Core Figure Pack
Roblox High School: Spring Break
School's out! Hang out with your friends from Cindering's Roblox High School and have some good ol' fashioned springtime fun. Over the Top Party Sombrero Roblox High School: Spring Break Core Figure Pack
Wild Starr
As fierce as she is fearless, this rising punk rocker's rip-roaring chord, and bone-chilling melodies will make anyone a fan for life. Wild Starr Guitar Wild Starr Core Figure Pack
Mix & Match
These legendary musicians are about to go on their biggest world tour ever! Mix-and-match your favorite instruments, accessories, and hairstyles from this playset or your entire Roblox toy collection to create a unique superstar look and feel. Assemble the hand, hit the road, and get ready to rock the world! What kind of band will you create? Pop Queen Superstar Spectacular Superstars Four Figure Pack
Mix & Match
Mix & Match
Mix & Match
Fashion Famous: Head Judge
Unleash your inner fashion designer with a plethora of trendy clothes, hairstyles, and accessories from PixelatedCandy's sensational Fashion Famous game on Roblox! Help PeachyAlexx and Ice_bear impress the judges by creating your own unique styles with your friends, then get ready for the runway. Who will emerge as the ultimate fashionista? Take home the fashion game sensation that's inspired millions of Robloxians’ imaginations from all over the world! Lady in Red Fashion Famous Playset
Fashion Famous: Brilliant Designer


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