Celebrity collection series 2

The second celebrity collection of Roblox toys was announced on the Roblox Blog on August 23, 2018.

Name Image Description Virtual Code Item Comes From
Design it: Royalty Design It Royalty All bow in her presence! With her crown of roses and majestic sun staff, tktech's charming princess looks ready for her coronation. Heads will roll when this noble lady enters the room! Be warned – her jaguar familiar is as ferocious as she is loyal. If you plan to face off against her on the runway, you better bring your running shoes Leopard Tail Mystery Boxes
Mad Games: Audio Roblox Mad Audio Once upon a time, there was a scientist who loved music above all else. And so, he decided to design a personalized .mp3 player. He overdid it a bit and designed an android with two speakers on her head. Thus, Audio was born. Now she's bringing some sick beats to loleris' Mad Games. Crank up the music and let the madness begin! Audio's Speakerphones Mystery Boxes
Blue Collar Cat Blue collar cat After a long day working like a dog, this feline just wants to put his paws up and drink an ice-cold glass of milk. There's plenty of work to be done on Roblox: tycoons to be built, Robux to be exchanged, and worlds to maintain. For these and everything in between, Blue Collar Cat is on the job! Golden Cat Ears Mystery Boxes
BonnabelleRose Bonnabell The founder of Roblox's Royal Ballet Academy, BonnabelleRose is a ballet extraordinaire online and offline! Bonnie learned to code when she created this prestigious academy, which has been visited millions of times! With real ballet animations and outfits, beginners and pros alike fall in love with her lovely studio. Make sure you stretch first! Brown Braid Cascade Mystery Boxes
Bunny Island Visitor Bunny Island Visitor She's been waiting all her life to see TheCoderBunny's hoppin', happenin' theme park, Bunny Island! Whether it's making her own robot at Cyber City, swinging from branch to branch at the Explorer's Jungle, or getting a sweet treat at Candy Palace, she's all set for a jam-packed magical day! Hair Bunny Mystery Boxes
Crazyblox Crazyblox Enter the eccentric genius of the developer community: Crazyblox! His Bloxy Award-winning games Flood Escape and Flood Escape 2 have provided some of the trickiest challenges in the worlds of Roblox. Millions of players have worked together to flee the rising tides in his escape rooms. What clever puzzles will he come up with next? Antediluvian Aegis Mystery Boxes
Drag Racer Drag Racer Do you feel the need…the need for speed? A hotshot drag racer, her rebellious shark-themed outfit is a distinct nod to her glory days on the circuit. She lives life with a firm grip on her steering wheel and an iron foot on the gas pedal. If you ride with her, you better buckle up because this speed demon has a score to settle. The Red Mist Mystery Boxes
Dragon Race Contestant Dragon Race Contestant Here thar be dragons! This quick-thinking, high-jumping little player puts his skills to the test in TigerCode's thrilling arena game, Dragon Rage! Robloxians have visited this game millions of times, leaping, ducking, and running over debris to survive an onslaught of flying furies. Can you keep your head above water? Dragon Famedal Mystery Boxes
Heros of Robloxia: Paparazzi Paparazzi Roblox City is under attack! But who will take the perfect picture? Not to worry, the paparazzi are on the job! There's always mayhem in InsanelyLuke and Team Super's action-packed adventure game Heroes of Robloxia. Our fearless photographer will do anything to get the right shot for the tabloids. Paparazzi Toolkit Mystery Boxes
InsanelyLuke InsanelyLuke InsanelyLuke has been powering his imagination on Roblox since 2010, working on games like Bloktoberfest, Heroes of Robloxia, TNT Rush, and many more! He's sporting a look that's sure to make you green with envy, wearing his signature tuxedo and Green Sparkle Time Fedora. Emerald Vampcollar Mystery Boxes
JustMomma Justmomma Get ready to rule the runway with JustMomma! This developer co-founded Runway Rumble, where you can pose for the paparazzi and create fabulous looks to match countless themes. You better bring your A-game if you want to face off against this awesome mom! Best Mode Bandana Mystery Boxes
Lethal682 Lethal682 Since he rose to fame with Moon Tycoon in 2014, Lethal682 has gone on to create many other popular games on Roblox including Wild West Tycoon, Two Player Heist Tycoon, and Kick Off - all of which have been featured on the front page! He currently owns the game development group CM Games. Red Cerberus Tail Mystery Boxes
Life of an Otaku: Chitobae Life of an otaku chitobae Although she spends most of her free time watching anime or reading manga, she still loves hanging out with her fellow otaku on Roblox. Her favorite game, in fact, is Life of an Otaku, created by YasuYoshida! No one is really quite sure what her magical staff is truly capable of, but she never goes anywhere without it. Chitobae Braid Mystery Boxes
Mad Games: Angel Mad games angel Angel is on the attack! You'd better watch out if you see this assassin in loleris' classic multiplayer experience Mad Games. Peaceful by nature and imbued with sacred powers, Angel is bringing justice to the field with her specialized weapons. Perfect harmony and divine accuracy shall bring torment to her opponents' souls! Golden Reignment Mystery Boxes
Ninja Assassin: Pizza Pack Pizza pack Silent as a shadow, quick as the wind, this ninja has arrived to serve you a slice of…pizza? DreamRoad Studio's hit game Ninja Assassin brings you an outfit that's sure to put a spring in your step and pepperoni on your plate. The red on his clothes may only be marinara sauce, but this ninja master's thin-crust combos are not to be trifled with. Pizza Swordpack Mystery Boxes
Pa00 Pa00 Looking for thrills and chills? Perhaps you should play a game by former Roblox accelerator pa00, the master of horror. He is trained in the art of all things creepy and crawly, from his Bloxy Award-nominated masterpiece RED44_SATYR44, to his newest project, Legendary: The Necromancer's Revenge. Prepare for a spooktacular spectacle! Blue Boa Boa Mystery Boxes
Robloxia Zookeeper Robloxia Zookeeper Take a field trip to see your favorite animals at the Robloxia Zoo! Mimi_Dev's trusty zookeeper and her loyal iguana will show you all the sights of this fantastical animal playground. You might even catch a rare glimpse of a unicorn! Just be careful not to feed the animals... they've been known to escape from their cages. Greenhorn Safari Mystery Boxes
Robloxian Life Clothing Store Billboard Guy Robloxian life Looking to try on some new threads? Take a trip to the clothing store in Robloxian Life, the town and city game created by DemSkittlesDoee! This friendly face will greet you as you roll on in. This charming town has everything, from the prestigious Robloxian School to the famous Club Ruby. Perfect for kids, teens, and parents alike! Rainbow Barf Face Mystery Boxes
Callmehbob Callmehbob Knights, fairies, and mermaids, oh my! After joining Roblox in 2007, callmehbob became the founder and Head Mistress of Royale High School. Millions of players have attended her academy to meet friends and become all manner of fantastical creatures. Talk about a developer who has earned her wings! Callme hostentatious lyslyempressed Mystery Boxes
Shyfoox Shyfoox Shyfoox is the developer behind popular open world RPGs such as Dragon's Life 3 and Wolves' Life 3, where you can roam ancient lands as real and mystical creatures. Her roleplaying group, Shyfoox Studios, is home to hundreds of thousands of players. Welcome to the pack! Purple Fox Ears Mystery Boxes
Soro's Server Soro's Server If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. That's the motto of Soro's Restaurant Franchise®, where this expert waiter dishes out the finest delicacies this side of Roblox. From breakfast 'til dinner, hungry customers form lines around the block, waiting for the chance to try Soro's specialties. Trust us, the food and service are worth the wait. Bon appétit! Chef Soros Mystery Boxes
The Noob Within The noob within We all have a noob somewhere inside us. In this case, the noob just happens to be trapped in his torso. How does this happen? Are they both inside a bigger noob, going on forever and ever? Best not to dwell on it too long, lest you wind up like that poor little noob. Crown of Noobs Mystery Boxes
YasuYoshida Yasutoy YasuYoshida, a member of the acclaimed Elite Builders of Robloxia, is best known for his Bloxy Award-nominated showcase, Life of an Otaku. Step into his eerie rural home for a scene that's at once somber and serene. His haunting aesthetic and talented artistry have made him an inspiration for builders the world over. Otakufaic Mystery Boxes
Zoey: The Fashionista Zoey The fationista There's fashion forward, and then there's fashion transcendent. Zoey falls in the latter. She ruled the fashion world with the perfect combination of elegance and utility, but now she's set her sights beyond becoming a household name. Whatever that means is anyone's guess, but whatever she decides, she'll take on by storm. Way Up Hair Mystery Boxes
Crezak: The Legend Crezak the legend The son of a wealthy nobleman, Crezak spent his days dodging responsibilities and chasing trouble. That is, until he was asked by some locals to join a soccer game. The rest is history. Now known as the greatest athlete of his generation – if not all time – this living legend is adored and celebrated the world over. Football Fanatic Crezak: The Legend Core Figure Pack
Ninja Assassin: Yang Clan Master Ninja Assassin Yang Clan Master The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single oof. Over the years, this master ninja has upheld the virtues of Yang Clan and honed his skills as sharp as a shuriken. He has perfected his ninjutsu technique and has sworn to follow a path of righteousness in DreamRoad Studio's Ninja Assassin. Kunai Strap Ninja Assassin: Yang Clan Master Core Figure Pack
The Golden Bloxy Award The Golden Bloxy Award Presenting the coveted Golden Bloxy Award! This prestigious prize is awarded to the best and brightest Roblox developers, creators, and community members for their incredible achievements on the Imagination Platform. This year's award for Game of the Year goes to... Golden Gamer Headset The Golden Bloxy Award Core Figure Pack
Hayley: The Tech Mage Hayley the tech mage The greatest inventor in the world, Hayley's creations are so unbelievable that they at first appear to be magical, hence the moniker, “The Tech Mage.” She has engineered machines that mess with the very physics of Roblox. Though difficult to trace and even harder to find, Hayley travels the world solving impossible problems with her clever innovations. Infinity Glasses Hayley: The Tech Mage Core Figure Pack
Neverland Lagoon: Crown Collector Neverland lagoon crown collector This majestic mermaid enjoys swimming through the shore of the Merfolk Coast, waiting for visitors to leave their jewelry unattended. She has gathered many ancient artifacts across SelDraken and Teiyia's Neverland Lagoon. If you wish to catch a glimpse, drop a gem into the ocean as an offering. You might be lucky enough to see the shadow of her tail as she adds one more piece to her extraordinary collection… Coral Crown Neverland Lagoon: Crown Collector Core Figure Pack
Royale High School: Enchantress Royale High School Enchantress Graceful as she is kind, this divine beauty roams the hallowed halls of callmehbob's Royale High School helping lost and nervous newcomers. There's so much to learn, classes to take, dances to study, and new friends to meet! The Enchantress will help you earn gems for your crown so you can spread your wings and fly at your new home. Enchantress Tress Royale High School: Enchantress Core Figure Pack
Sharkbite Surfer Sharkbite Surfer Surf's up! This chill surfer is hanging ten in opplo and Simoon68's Bloxy Award-nominated breakout game, SharkBite. She rides the current far out to sea to help hapless tourists trapped out at sea. Just watch out for those menacing shadows, circling the waters beneath you... and if they get any closer, swim as fast as you possibly can. Fuchsia Fish Fin Sharkbite Surfer Core Figure Pack
The Couds: Flyer The Clouds Flyer From Elite Builders of Robloxia member Paratroopersoldier comes The Clouds, a dreamlike showcase as soothing as falling asleep. The flyer skydives endlessly through cotton candy-colored clouds, off a secluded island floating high above the stratosphere. He opens his mechanical wings, feels the light of the sun on his face, and drifts down... The Dreamkite The Clouds: Flyer Core Figure Pack
Claire Dancefiend Clair Dancefiend Here at Club Boates, the party never stops! Designed by Roblox developer ChadTheCreator, this mega-popular and super glamorous discothèque is the destination for great music and even better dancing. Celebrate the night with DJ Boatay and Claire Dancefiend, then invite your Robloxian friends out onto the dance floor for even more fun! Mix-and-match their accessories to create your own unique dance party! DJ Boates Club Boates Game Pack
DJ Boataye DJ Boataye
Dad Dad Some days, it seems like these babies are determined to get themselves into trouble. Welcome to Smellysuperfart's silly competition, Where's The Baby! These clever babies will try to escape their cribs and find whatever hazardous items they can get their little hands on. You'll have to use every trick in the book to protect these children from rockets, kitchen utensils, and all manner of dangerous household appliances. Do you have the mad parenting skills to outwit a baby? Knit Baby Monster Where's the Baby! Game Pack
Mom Mom
Game Developer Game Developer Put your developer skills to the test in Game Dev Life! DoubleJGames' well-crafted tycoon presents you with the opportunity to make the game of your dreams. Will you produce an RPG? How about a racing game? Will you focus your efforts on an engaging story or beautiful graphics? The virtual world is your oyster! Develop your game, ship it out to stores, hire employees, and build your company from the ground up! Game Dev Mug Game Dev Life Game Pack
Research Staff Research Staff
InfusedTristan: Maitre D' Infusedtristan Maitre D Treat yourself to an exquisite meal at Soro's Fine Italian Dining! Robloxians have traveled across the universe to try a bite at this five-star restaurant, created by Soro's Restaurant Franchise®. It's recommended that you dine outside for a spectacular view of Soro's Island! You can even reserve a private room for parties, but those fill up years in advance. Maitre D' InfusedTristan and his well-trained staff promise a fine dining experience you'll never forget. Spaghetti Stylz Soro's Fine Italian Dining Game Pack
Soro's Diner Soro's Diner
SharkBite: Duck Boat Sharkbite Duck Boat Quack quack! Kick your feet up and enjoy a beautiful day out on the open seas. The sun is shining, the winds are blowing, and…sharks are coming! Invite a few friends and take a ride on the Duck Boat from opplo and Simoon68's Bloxy Award-nominated masterpiece Sharkbite! But watch out…it's duck season, and those sharks are on the hunt! Try to escape while you can! Knit Shark Attack SharkBite: Duck Boat Vehicle Pack
Stylz Salon & Spa Customer: Ramona Stylz Salon & Spa Customer Ramona Looking for a place to let your hair down? Head down to RickyTheFishy's Stylz Salon & Spa: Makeup for a unique salon experience! This trendy hangout gives you thousands of haircuts and styles to choose from. Or you can become a makeup artist to help your friends look and feel fabulous! Millions of satisfied customers have left feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. For the salon experience you've always imagined, you can count on Stylz! Fashion Industry Executive Stylz Salon & Spa: Makeup Four Figure Pack
Stylz Salon & Spa Makeup Artist: Juliet Stylz Salon & Spa Makeup Artist Juliet
Stylz Salon & Spa Manager: Rosie Stylz Salon & Spa Manager Rosie
Stylz Salon & Spa VIP: Fabienne Stylz Salon & Spa VIP Fabienne
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